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    135000 words spelled and pronounced,together with valuable hints and illustrations for the use of capitals, italics, numerals, and compound words ... designed for office, school, and library use

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    An accurate new spelling dictionary, and expositor of the English language.Containing a much larger collection of modern words than any book of the kind and price extant: and shewing how the same are to be written correctly, and pronounced properly; with the different meanings or significations of each word. To which is added, an entire new dictionary of all the Heathen Gods and Goddesses: and also of the illustrious heroes treated of by Homer, Virgil, Ovid, and other antient poets: with a summary account of their origin, descent, expolits, &c. To the whole is prefixed, a compendious, practical grammar of the English language. By A. Fisher, author of the practical new English grammar, with exercises of bad English: the new English tutor, calculated for the new method of teaching, &c.

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    Affixes in their origin and application,exhibiting the etymologic structure of English words.

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    The American instructor succeed the English and other spelling-books ... interspersed with ... reading lessons ...

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    The American phonetic dictionary of the English language.

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    An analysis of derivative words in the English language :or, a key to their precise analytic definitions by prefixes and suffixes

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    An analysis of English words;designed for the higher classes in schools and academies, and forming part of Sanders' American educational series.

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    An analytical dictionary of the English language, in which the words are explained in the order of their natural affinity, independent of alphabetical arrangement ...

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    Appleton's standard speller

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    The art of English poetrycontaining I. Rules for making verses. II. A collection of the most natural, agreeable, and sublime thouhgts [sic], ... III. A dictionary of rhymes. By Edw. Bysshe. gent.

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    The art of English poetrycontaining, I. Rules for making verses. II. A dictionary of rhymes. III. A collection of the most natural, agreeable, and noble thoughts, viz. Allusions, Similes, Descriptions, and Characters, of Persons and Things; that are to be found in the best English Poets. By Edw. Bysshe, gent.

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    The art of English poetry.Containing,

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    The art of English poetry:vol. the IIId and IVth, which, with the two former volumes, make a compleat common-place-book of English poetry, containing the most natural, instructive, diverting and sublime thoughts ... that are in the works of our most celebrated poets, ancient and modern, alphabetically digested and brought down to the present time ...

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    The art of English poetry;

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    The art of reading and writing Englishor, the chief principles and rules of pronouncing our mother-tongue. both in Prose and Verse; with a Variety of Instructions for True Spelling. Written at first for Private Use, and now Published for the Benefit of all Persons who desire a better Acquaintance with their Native Language. By I. Watts.

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    Berry's spelling book,

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    The book of oratory:compiled for the use of colleges, academies, and the higher classes of select and parish schools,

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    Cobb's abridgment of J. Walker's critical pronouncing dictionary, and expositor of the English language, carefully compiled from the London quarto editions, published under the inspection of the author; in which Mr. Walker's principles of orthography and pronunciation are strictly followed ... to which are prefixed concise principles of pronunciation, and rules for accentuation and the division of words: with an appendix, containing a class of words which are in common use in this country, and not found in Walker's dictionary.Particularly designed for the use of schools.

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    Cobb's new spelling book :in six parts ...

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    A Collection of English prose and verse, for the use of schools, selected from different authors.To which are prefixed, a few short lessons for beginners, with an exercise on spelling, in four large tables of words which occur in this collection, containing all the words of four syllables, and above; a large table of three, and a considerable number of two, together with the proper names, divided and accented. Also, an appendix, containing the principles of English grammar. By Alexander Barrie, teacher of English, writer's court, Edinburgh.

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    The Columbian dictionary of the English languagein which many new words, peculiar to the United States, and many words of general use, not found in any other English dictionary, are inserted. ... To which is prefixed, a prosodial grammar, containing, a short dissertation on vowels and consonants. To the whole is added Heathen mythology: or A classical pronouncing dictionary. By Caleb Alexander, A.M. Author of "Virgil's works translated into literal English prose," &c. &c. and teacher of the English language. Published according to act of Congress.

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    A COMPENDIOUS English Grammar.A new general English dictionary; peculiarly calculated for the use and improvement of such as are unacquainted with the learned languages. Wherein the difficult words, and technical terms made use of in anatomy, architecture, arithmetick, algebra, astronomy, botany, chymistry, divinity, gardening, grammar, hawking, heraldry, history, horsemanship, hunting, husbandry, law, logick, mathematicks, mechanicks, milit. affairs, musick, navigation, painting, poetry, rhetorick, sculpture, surgery, &c. are not only fully explain'd, but accented on their proper syllables, to prevent a vicious pronunciation; and mark'd with initial letters, to denote the part of speech, to which each word peculiarly belongs. To which is prefixed, a compendious English grammar, with general rules for the ready formation of one part of speech from another; by the due application, whereof, such as understand English only, may be able to write as correctly and elegantly, as those who have been some years conversant in the Latin, Greek, &c. Languages. Together with a supplement, of the proper names of the most noted kingdoms, provinces, cities, towns, rivers, &c. throughout the known world. As also, of the most celebrated emperors, kings, queens, priests, poets, philosophers, generals, &c. whether Jewish, Pagan, Mahometan, or Christian; but more especially such as are mentioned either in the old or new testament. The whole alphabetically digested, and accented in the same manner, and for the same purpose, as the preceding part; being collected for the use of such, as have but an imperfect idea, of the English orthography. Originally begun by the late Reverend Mr. Thomas Dyche, school-master at Stratford le Bow, author of the guide to the English tongue, the spelling dictionary, &c. And now finish'd by William Pardon, Gent.

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    A compendious grammar of the current corrupt dialect of the jargon of Hindostan, (commonly called Moors)with a vocabulary, English and Moors, Moors and English. With references between words resembling each other in sound, and different in signification; and Literal Translations of the Compounded Words and Circumlocutory expressions for attaining the Idiom of the Language. To which are added Familiar Phrases and Dialogues. &c., &c., with notes Descriptive of various Customs and Manners of Bengal. For the use of the Bengal and Bombay Establishments. By George Hadley, formerly on the Military Establishment at Bengal.

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    The complete English dictionaryor, general repository of the English language. Containing A Copious Explanation of all the Words in the English Language; Together with Their different Significations, viz. I. The Words, and the various Senses in which they are used. II. The True Pronunciation pointed out by being properly accented. III. Initial Letters placed to devote the Part of Speech to which each Word belongs. IV. A geographical Description of the four Quarters of the World. V. A more particular Description of the Counties, Cities, and principal Towns in England and Wales, than has ever appeared in any Book of this Kind. VI. As the Lives of the English Poets, and others, celebrated for their Learning and Genius, can no where be introduced with more Propriety than in a Dictionary of the English Language, we have enriched our Performance with the most entertaining and authentic Memoirs of those Illustrious Men who have flourished in these Kingdoms. To which will be prefixed, a complete English grammar. By the Rev. Frederick Barlow, M. A. Vicar of Burton. Assisted by several other gentleman.

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    A complete German grammar,in two parts. The first part containing the theory of the language through all the parts of speech; the second part is the practice in as ample a manner as can be desired. By John James Bachmair, M.A.

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    A condensed etymology of the English language for common schools,containing the Anglo-Saxon, French, Dutch, German, Welsh, Danish, Gothic, Swedish, Gaelic, Italian, Latin, and Greek roots, and the English words derived therefrom, accurately spelled, accented, and defined.

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    Correct standardized pronunciation of words in everyday use;a dictionary.

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    Critical pronouncing dictionary, and expositor of the English language,abridged ... containing a table of the simple and dipthongal vowels referred to by the figures over the letters in this dictionary,

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    The critical pronouncing spelling-book :containing the rudiments of the English language, to which are prefixed the principles of English pronunciation : compiled for the use of schools in the United States and Great Britain

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    A critical review of the orthography of Dr. Webster's series of books for systematick instruction in the English language;including his former spelling-book and the Elementary spelling-book,

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    The critical spelling-bookan introduction to reading and writing readily and correctly. In a manner more commodious than any, and more comprehensive than all the spelling-books that ever were publisht. Designd-For a standard of the language: and contrivd by a proper gradation of instructions, disposd in a picturesque manner, for the easy and expeditious attaining-to a rational knowledge of it.

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    A desk-book of twenty-five thousand words frequently mispronounced,embracing English words, foreign terms, Bible names, personal names, geographical names, and proper names of all kinds current in literature, science, and the arts, that are of difficult pronunciation, carefully pronounced, annotated, and concisely defined and indicating the preferences of the leading dictionaries from 1732 to 1924

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    Dictionarium Anglo-Britannicumor, a general English dictionary, comprehending a brief, but emphatical and clear explication of all sorts of difficult words, that derive their Original from other Ancient and Modern Languages; as also, of all Terms relating to Arts and Sciences, both Liberal and Mechanical, viz. Divinity, Law, Philosophy, Physick, Surgery, Anatomy, Chymistry, Pharmacy, Botanicks, Mathematicks, Grammar, Rhetorick, Logick, Musick, Heraldry, Maritime Affairs, Military Discipline, Traffick, Husbandry, Gardening, Handicrafts, Confectionery, Cookery, Horsemanship, Hunting, Hawking, Fowling, Fishing, &c. To which is Added, A Large Collection of Word's and Phrases, as well Latin as English, made use of in our Ancient Statutes, Old Records, Charters, Writs, and Processes at Law, never before publish'd in so Small a Volume: Besides an Interpretation of the proper Names of Men and Women, and several other Remarkable Particulars mentioned in the Preface. The Whole Work Compil'd, and Methodically Digested, for the Benefit of Young Students, Tradesmen, Artificers, Foreigners, and others, who are desirous thoroughly to understand what they Speak, Read, or Write. By John Kersey, Philobibl.

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    The dictionary of distinctions,in three alphabets, containing, I. Words the same in sound, but of different spelling and signification; with which are classed such as have any similarity in sound. II. Words that vary in pronunciation and meaning as accentuated or connected. III. The changes, in sound and sense, produced by the addition of the letter e ... Occasionally interspersed with critical remarks, chiefly philological. With appendix ...

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    A dictionary of English etymology.

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    A dictionary of English rhymes,

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    A dictionary of the English language,answering at once the purposes of rhyming, spelling, and pronouncing. On a Plan not hitherto attempted. In which, I. The whole Language is arranged according to its Terminations. II. Every Word is explained and divided into Syllables exactly as pronounced. III. Words liable to a Double Pronunciation are fixed in their True Sound, by a Rhyme. IV. Many Words of established Usage, not to be found in our best Dictionaries, are inserted, and more technical Terms than in any Dictionary, except Chambers's. To which is prefixed A copious Introduction to the various Uses of the Work, with critical and practical Observations on Orthography, Syllabication, Pronunciation, and Rhyme; And for the purposes of poetry is added an index of allowable rhymes. With Authorities for their Usage from our best Authors. By J. Walker, Author of the General Idea of a Pronouncing Dictionary.

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    A dictionary of the English language.With an alphabetical account of the heathen deities; and a list of the cities, towns, Boroughs, and remarkable Villages, in England and Wales. To which is prefixed a comprehensive view of English Grammar.

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    The easy instructoror, the only method to make the orthography and pronunciation of the English language easy: wherein the general rules of English orthography, &c. are exemplified: By which the qualified and diligent Teacher may in a very short time prepare youth to read an english Author, with propriety and elegance. For the Use of Schools. By John Moscrip, One of the Teachers of the free English Reading School, Berwick-Upon-Tweed.

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    Eighteen thousand words often mispronounced.A carefully rev., greatly enl., and entirely rewritten ed. of "12,000 words often mispronounced" ...

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    Elements of elocution :in which the principles of reading and speaking are investigated

  42. 42

    Elements of elocution.Being the substance of a course of lectures on the art of reading, delivered at several colleges in the University of Oxford.

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    English etymologies

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    An English grammarbeing a compilation from the works of such grammarians as have acquired the approbation of the public; better adapted, both to the ease of the master, and the benefit of the scholar, than most other treatises on that subject: To which are added, observations, explanatory and critical; as also, a short, but complete system of elocution, rendered plain to the meanest capacity; and the whole exemplified by orations and harangues. By J. Mennye, teacher of the mathematics, New-York.

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    The English language :a brief history of its grammatical changes and its vocabulary : with exercises on synonyms, prefixes and suffixes, word-analysis and word building : a text-book for high schools and colleges

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    An English pronouncing dictionary (on strictly phonetic principles)

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    The english schollar's assistantor, the rudiments of the English tongue. In four parts. Part I. Treats of letters in general , their Origin, their Division into Vowels, Consonants, Diphthongs, Triphthongs, and their various Use, &c. Part II. Treats of syllables and their division in spelling , &c. Of Notes and Marks belonging to Syllables, with their Use; and of Points and Stops. Part III. Treats of words, or parts of speech , with the Accidents to each Part, in a practical and useful Method. Part IV. Treats of sentences or syntax , with proper Examples to each Rule in Concord and Government, explaining fully the Use of both, and Remarks upon each Rule for the Help of the Learner. And for a further Assistance to Teachers, &c fit Interrogatories are annex'd under each Head to examine Children by. With an Appendix of the Lord's Prayer by way of Question and Answer for Exercise. By Samuel Saxon . Sloth sits and censures what the Industrious teach: Foxes despise the Grapes they cannot reach.

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    English sounds for foreign tongues,a drill book,

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    The english spelling-book and expositorbeing a new method of teaching children and adult persons to read, write, and understand the English tongue in less Time, and with much greater Ease than has hitherto been taught. Containing an Alphabetical Collection of the most useful, proper, and elegant Words, divided into Syllables, and accented, together with a short and easy Explication of each Word thereunto annexed. To which are prefix'd, A New Table of Monosyllables, the Use of Capitals, Stops, and Marks in Writing, a large Number of Abbreviations and Distinctions of Words, and many other Orthographical Rules and Observations, very useful and necessary for Schools and Families. By Henry Boad, School-Master at Colchester.

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    Entick's new spelling dictionary,comprehending a copious and accented vocabulary of the English language. With full, clear, and authentic explanations. Revised, corrected, and enlarged throughout, by William Crakelt, M. A. Rector of Nursted and Ifield in Kent.