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    The rhymester: or, The rules of rhyme.A guide to English versification. With a dictionary of rhymes, an examination of classical measures, and comments upon burlesque, comic verse and song writing.

  2. 152

    A rhyming dictionary :answering at the same time the purposes of spelling and pronouncing the English language on a plan not hitherto attempted to which is added an index to allowable rhymes, with authorities for their usage from our best poets

  3. 153

    A rhyming dictionary, answering at the same time the purposes of spelling and pronouncing the English language ...

  4. 154

    A rhyming dictionary:answering at the same time, the purposes of spelling and pronouncing the English language ... and ... an index of allowable rhymes, with authorities ...

  5. 155

    Right spelling very much improved. Teaching the speediest and surest way to write true English ; by rule and not by rote. With Particular Tables, of the most Material Exceptions, clearly explained, to the meanest Capacity. For the benefit of foreigners, and all such as desire to Write True English with Ease and Certainty

  6. 156

    The road to knowledge; or, young man & women's best friendbeing a plan of general instruction, as far as relates to the useful pursuits and purposes of life. Consisting of a Concise, yet Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language; A Series of Letters On Subjects yielding both Information and Amusement; and the Four First Rules of Arithmetic, Exhibited in Examples so plain and intelligible, as to be acquired with the utmost Ease. Calculated for both Sexes. To Which are Added, As more immediately adapted to the Attention of Young Men, The Nature and Operations of Bills of Exchange Bills of Sale Bonds Obligations Notes Letters of Attorney Letters of Credit Writs Warrants Arrests Subpoenas Summonses General Releases Deeds of Gift Conveyances and Various Other Instruments of Writing; With the precise Forms in which many of them are drawn up. To the Whole are Subjointd, Geographical Sketches; Comprehending the Rise and Progress of Geography; with an Explanation of Geographical Terms, And a Description of the several Kingdoms and States of Europe. By George Stapleton, Late English Preceptor at Paris and at Brussels.

  7. 157

    Roots and ramifications; or, Extracts from various books explanatory of the derivation or meaning of divers words.

  8. 158

    The royal English dictionaryor, a treasury of the English language. Containing, I. A Full Explanation of all the Terms made Use of In Algebra, Anatomy, Architecture, Arithmetic, Astronomy, Botany, Chemistry, Dialling, Divinity, Gardening, Geography, Geometry, Grammar, Gunnery, Heraldry, Hieroglyphics, History, Husbandry, Hydraulics, Hydrostatics, Law, Logic, Mathematics, Mechanics, Military Art, Music, Natural History, Navigation, Optics, Painting, Perspective, Philosophy, Pneumatics, Poetry, Printing, Rhetoric, Sculpture, Surgery, Surveying, &c. II. Tracing the Words from their original Fountains. III. Explaining the various Senses in which they are used, supported by Authorities from the best English Writers. IV. Accents are properly placed, to facilitate the true Pronunciation. V. Each Word is followed by an initial Letter, to denote the Part of Speech to which it belongs. VI. A Geographical Account of the principal Kingdoms, Cities, &c. of the World. Vii. A Description of the Cities and Counties of England and Wales. Viii. The Lives of the most eminent Poets and other ingenious and illustrious Men, who have flourished in these Kingdoms. The Whole on so Extensive a Plan, as to unite the different Excellencies of all other English Dictionaries. To which is prefixed, a comprehensive grammar of the English tongue. By D. Fenning, Author of the Universal Spelling Book; A Treatise of Arithmetic; The Young Algebraist's Companion; The Use of the Globes; &c.

  9. 159

    The royal standard English dictionaryIn which the words are not only rationally divided into syllables, accurately accented, and their part of speech properly distinguished; but likewise, by a key to this work, comprising the various sounds of the vowels sounds of the vowels and consonants, denoted by typographical characters, and illustrated by examples, which render it intelligible to the weakest capacity; it exhibits their true pronunciation, according to the present practice of men of letters, eminent orators, and polite speakers in London; upon a plan perfectly plain, & entirely new. To which is prefixed a comprehensive grammar of the English language. The ninth edition. To which is added the scripture proper names, together with the names of the principal cities, rivers, mountains, &c. in the known world, the ancient and modern poets philosophers, statesman, &c. all accurately accented, with their proper pronunciation pointed out, and enriched with the addition of more than one thousand words not inserted in any former edition. By William Perry, author of the standard French and English pronouncing dictionary, the man of business and gentleman's assistant, the only sure guide to the English tongue, &c. &c.

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    The rudiments of English grammar :illustrated by parsing lessons : containing also a table of questions on the parts of speech, arranged in systamatic order, designed to facilitate the pupil's progress and initiate him in the principles of etymology : together with twenty-four syntactical rules, ellipsis, and a few observations on the uses of what and its

  11. 161

    The rudiments of English grammaradapted to the use of schools; with examples of English composition. By Joseph Priestley, LL. D. F. R. S.

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    Ryme-index to the Ellesmere manuscript of Chaucer's Canterbury tales.

  13. 163

    The scholar's companion :containing exercises in the orthography, derivation and classification of English words.

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    The scholar's companion :containing exercises in the orthography, derivation, and classification of English words

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    The Scholar's companion :containing exercises in the orthography, derivation, and classification of English words : arranged on the basis of Butter's Etymological expositer.

  16. 166

    The scholar's companion :containing exercises in the orthography, derivation, and classification of English words.

  17. 167

    The scholar's companion, or, A guide to the orthography, pronunciation and derivation of the English language :arranged on the basis of the 15th London ed. of Butter's Etymological spelling-book and expositor

  18. 168

    The scholar's spelling assistantwherein the words, &c. are arranged on an improved plan; calculated to familiarise the art of spelling and pronunciation, remove Difficulties, and facilitate Improvement. For the use of schools and private tuition. By Thomas Carpenter, Master of the Academy, Barking, Essex.

  19. 169

    The school boy's sure guideor, spelling and reading made agreeable and easy. Wherein the pronunciation and spelling of the English language are reduced to a few general heads, with a great Number of Words under each to exemplify the same. The Whole Laid down in a regular, concise, and comprehensive Manner; that a Boy may very easily acquire the thorough Knowledge of English Orthography. To which are added, several lessons, moral and religious. By John Scott, Schoolmaster at South Shields.

  20. 170

    A selection from Walker's pronouncing dictionary :in which all those words subject to an incorrect pronunciation are brought directly into view ; with original notes designating those which are acknowledged to be exceptions.

  21. 171

    Shakespeare's pronunciation [I]A Shakespeare phonology, with a rime-index to the poems as a pronouncing vocabulary,

  22. 172

    Shakespeare's pronunciation [I]A Shakespeare phonology, with a rime-index to the poems as a pronouncing vocabulary,

  23. 173

    Sheridan's pronouncing the spelling dictionary,in which are ascertained both the sound and the meaning of every word in the English language. Corrected and improved by Nicholas Salmon, ...

  24. 174

    Spelling in the elementary school:an experimental and statistical investigation,

  25. 175

    The spelling of English by Porto Rican pupils,

  26. 176

    The spelling of the King's English.

  27. 177

    A spelling-Bookwherein the pronunciation and spelling of the English tongue are reduced to a very few principles or general heads. With a preface: Shewing the difference between this performance, and those of the same title hitherto published; and offering some hints concerning a Method of Teaching: and some additional lessons. By John Warden, Teacher of English in Edinburgh.

  28. 178

    A spelling-Dictionary of the English language,on a new plan, For the Use of Young Gentlemen, Ladies, and Foreigners. Being an introductary part of The circle of the sciences. Published by the King's Authority.

  29. 179

    The standard of pronunciation in English

  30. 180

    A stem dictionary of the English language,for use in elementary schools,

  31. 181

    (Stewart's improved edition.) The universal spelling-book: or, A new and easy guide to the English language.I. Tables of words, of one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven syllables; with natural and easy lessons in each, adapted to the capacity of children from three years old and upwards, and yet so, that such as can already read, may receive sensible instruction thereby: being diversified with a variety of lessons both moral and divine, as also fables and pleasant stories, in order to improve the mind and the understanding. II. A very easy and approved guide to English grammar, by way of question and answer, for the use of schools as well as private persons, and by which they may very soon become acquainted with the knowledge of the English tongue, with very little trouble and application. III. A collection of near 5000 of the most useful words of two, three, and four syllables, viz. Noun substantives, adjectives and verbs (placed alphabetically under their respective heads) which are accented and explained for the better instruction of youth, and information of such persons as would know the meaning of what they read and write; being a useful instructor for the school, shop, or compting-house. IV. Many useful things necessary to help the young beginner, and inform the more grown up youth. With a variety of alphabetical copies, and writing-pieces, both in prose and verse. V. Observations on reading, wherein a graceful manner is particularly displayed in voice and gesture, containing twelve rules and instructions. Such as has not appeared in any former edition of this book. The twenty-second edition, with improvements and additions. By Daniel Fenning, late school-master of Bures, in Suffolk, and author of the Use of the globes, Practical arithmetic, Guide to algebra, Royal English dictionary, &c.

  32. 182

    A study in the psychology of spelling.

  33. 183

    The stylography of the English language

  34. 184

    A supplement to the Imperial dictionary, English, technological, and scientific :an extensive collection of words, terms, and phrases ... together with numerous obsolete, obsolescent, and Scottish words ... not included in previous English dictionaries

  35. 185

    A sure guide for all youth.Consisting of three parts: I. Seven gradations of spelling and reading. II. Of the Creation, Fall of Man, and his Recovery. III. Miscellaneous; useful and good both for Master and Scholar. Abstracted entirely from the holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. By Edward Dearle, Schoolmaster, Golden-Lane.

  36. 186

    A syllabus in spelling and pronunciation,

  37. 187

    Synopsis of Old English phonology, :being a systematic account of Old English vowels and consonants and their correspondences in the cognate languages,

  38. 188

    The teacher :a supplement to the elementary spelling book

  39. 189

    Ten thousand words often mispronounced.

  40. 190

    Ten thousand words: how to pronounce them;compared with Century, Standard, International and "Old Webster",

  41. 191

    Tests in spelling and pronunciation.

  42. 192

    Teutonic etymology :the formation of Teutonic words in the English language

  43. 193

    Town's new speller and definer :containing a new and complete key to pronunciation, an introduction to the "Analysis of derivative words in the English language", dictation exercises, and various other improvements

  44. 194

    A treatise on phonology:comprising a perfect alphabet for the English language; a specimen exhibition of the absurdities of our present system of orthography; Comstock's, Pitman's, and the Cincinnati alphabet, contrasted; a lecture on phonetics, by Prof. McLaine; the pamphoneticon, and recommendations of Comstock's alphabet.

  45. 195

    Twelve thousand words often mispronounced;

  46. 196

    A vocabulary of English rhymes.arranged on a new plan,

  47. 197

    A vocabulary of such words in the English language as are of dubious or unsettled accentuation,in which the pronunciation of Sheridan, Walker, and other orthoepists, is compared.

  48. 198

    Walker's Critical pronouncing dictionary and expositor of the English language.

  49. 199

    Walker's critical pronouncing dictionary,and expositor of the English language ; abridged for the use of schools ; to which is annexed, an abridgment of Walker's key to the pronunciation of Greek, Latin, and scripture proper names.

  50. 200

    Word primer.A beginner's book in oral and written spelling.