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    The Modern Greek:its pronunciation and relations to ancient Greek, with an appendix on rules of accentuation, etc.

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    National elementary speller:a critical work on pronunciation ...

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    The new and complete dictionary of the English languageIn Which All the Words are introduced, The Different Spellings preserved, The Sounds of the Letters occasionally distinguished, The Obsolete and Uncommon Words supported by Authorities, And the Different Construction and Uses illustrated by Examples. To which is prefixed, a comprehensive grammar. By John Ash, LL.D. Author of Grammatical Institutes; or, An Easy Introduction to Dr. Lowth's English Grammar. In Two Volumes.

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    The new and complete spelling dictionary,and sure guide to the English language: Shewing, I. The Use of the Alphabet in general, with the different Pronunciation of single, double, and treble Vowels and Consonants, in a Variety of Examples. II. An easy and familiar Grammar, in which are not only pointed out the different Parts of Speech by Name, but the Use of them reduced into real Practice. III. A Dictionary, containing upwards of Ten Thousand Words, with their Signification, and the Name of the Part of Speech to which they belong in the Order of Grammar. The Whole principally designed for the Use of Schools; but digested in so easy a Manner, that all such adult Persons, or Foreigners, who have not had the Advantage of being taught, may, by their own Application only, become acquainted with the English Tongue in a short Time. By D. Fenning, Author of the Royal Dictionary, Young Man's Book of Knowledge, Use of the Globes, Universal Spelling-Book, School-Masters Companion, &c. To which are prefixed two very useful tables. Table I. Contains the Names of the most principal Men mentioned in the Old and New Testament, with their significant Meaning, and the Place referred to. Table II. The Names of such Places as are more difficult to read and pronounce; having both their proper Accent and Rules for Pronunciation, for such as would read the Sacred Writings with Propriety.

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    A new and comprehensive dictionary of the English language as spoken and written,

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    A new and improved spelling dictionary of the English languageteaching To Write as well as to Spell Correctly: Each Word being printed either with a small or a large initial Letter, as it ought in strict Propriety to be written. The part of speech and accent of each Word and Syllable are accurately marked, and a certain Plan laid down for avoiding the improper Use of Capital Initial Letters, which often disgraces a fine Hand-Writing. To which is added, A list of proper names of men and women, A preface, and also a Compendious English Grammar.

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    New general English dictionaryPeculiarly calculated for the use and improvement of such as are unacquainted with the learned languages. Wherein the difficult words, and technical terms made use of in anatomy, architecture, arithmetick, algebra, astronomy, botany, chymistry, divinity, gardening, grammar, hawking, heraldry, history, horsemanship, hunting, husbandry, law, logick, mathematicks, mechanicks, milit. affairs, musick, navigation, painting, poetry, rhetorick, sculpture, sur..., &c. not only fully explain'd, but accented on their proper syllables, to prevent a vicious pronunciation; and mark'd with initial letters, to denote the part of speech to which each word peculiarly belongs. To which is prefixed, compendions English grammar, with general rules for the ready formation of one part of speech from another; by the due application whereof, such as understand English only, may be able to write as correctly and elegantly, as those who have been some years, conversant in the Latin, Greek, &c. languages. Together with a supplement, of the proper names of the most noted [kin]gdoms, provinces, cities, towns, rivers, &c. throughout the known world. As also the most celebrated emperors, kings, queens, priests, poets, philosophers, generals, whether Jewish, Pagan, Mahometan, or Christian; but more especially such as are mentioned either in the Old or New Testament. The Whole alphabetically digested, and accented in the same manner, and for the same purpose, as the preceding; part; being collected for the use of such, as have last an imperfect idea of the English orthography. Originally begun by the Late Reverend Mr. Thomas Dyche, school-master at Strarford-le-Beau, author of The guide to the English tongue, the spelling dictionary &c. and now finish'd by William Pardon, gent. The fifth edition, with the addition of the several market towns of England and Wales; giving a general description of the places, their ... market-places, government, manufactures, number of representatives sent to Parliament, Distance from London, both in computed ad measured miles, &c.

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    A new introduction to learningor, a sure guide to the English pronunciation and orthography : in plain prose for the ease, and familiar verse for the pleasure, as well as profit, of the learner. Containing much more on those Subjects than any other Book, in a Method never before attempted; and by which All who can Read may learn, without a Teacher, to Speak and Write English as Correctly as they that have had a Liberal Education. Contriv'd so as to amuse and exercise the Ingenious, improve and delight the Less-Knowing, clearly instruct the Ignorant, and allure Youth to a Love of Learning; tho' chiefly design'd for such Grown Persons as have had but a slender Education, and are desirous of further Improvement. To make it of General Use are added, I. An alphabetical Collection and clear Distinction of above a Thousand Words nearly alike in Sound, but different in Sense and Spelling. II. A large Table of Words, with their Meaning, made different in Signification by adding E Final III. An Explanation of Abbreviations, Notes of Reference, and other Marks which often occur in Books and Writing. By Samuel Hammond, Schoolmaster in Nottingham; Author of the Complete and Comprehensive Spelling-Dictionary.

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    The new London spelling-bookor, the young gentleman and lady's guide to the English tongue. In five parts. I. For beginners, shewing a natural and easy method to pronounce and express both common words and proper names, gradually ascending from One to Six Syllables, properly distinguished by Tables. II. A Table of Words, that are the same or nearly alike in Sound, but different in Signification and in Spelling; in which the Scholar should be made perfect, to spell without Book, to prevent the writing one Word for another. III. A plain and compendious Grammar, with Rules for spelling and dividing Words into Syllables; the Use of Stops, Marks, and Capitals; Rules for Reading with Elegance and Propriety; Tables of Abbreviations; an Explanation of Roman and Arabic Figures; the Multiplication and Pence Tables; likewise a Table of Words, properly accented, for Exercise in the foregoing Rules. IV. Lessons on various Subjects, in Prose and Verse, with Rules and Maxims of moral Conduct, &c. to be spoke extempore by Boys, at breaking up. V. Directions for an agreeable behaviour and polite address; in which great Care has been taken to collect what might teach Youth their Duty and Behaviour, towards God and Man. The second edition, corrected and improved. By Charles Vyse, Author of the Tutor's Guide; the Key to the Tutor's Guide; a New Geographical Grammar, for the Use of Schools; the Ladies Accomptant, &c.

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    New orthography and orthoepy, with many new exercises for practice,

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    A new pocket-book for young gentlemen and ladiesor, a Spelling Dictionary of the English language. Wherein the exact orthography, just quantities of syllables, proper accent, true Pronunciation, Number of Syllables contained in each Word, the Part of Speech to which it belongs, and the Language from which it is derived, are exhibited at one view. To which is subjoined, a catalogue of the most usual Christian names of men and women. By James Buchanan, Master of the Boarding-School at Loughbury-House, opposite Stockwell, in Surry.

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    The new Royal English dictionaryor, complete library of grammatical knowledge. Containing a full and copious explanation of all the words in the English language. Together with their various Significations, viz. 1. The Words, their Definition, and the various Senses in which they are used, supported by Authorities. 2. Initial Letters, to denote the Part of Speech to which every Word belongs. 3. The true Pronunciation ascertained and pointed out, by being properly accented. 4. A Geographical Description of the Empires, Kingdoms, Cities, &c. in the four Quarters of the World. 5. A full, accurate, and particular Description of the Counties, Cities, and principal Towns in England and Wales. 6. The Lives of the most eminent Personages which England has produced, can no where be introduced with more propriety than in an English Dictionary; we have, therefore, enriched our Performance with the entertaining and instructive Memoirs of the most illustrious Characters in the British Annals, whether Poets, Statesmen, Admirals, Generals or Divines. 7. Chronology, or a Register of every remarkable Event. 8. Pagan Mythology, or the fabulous History of the Heathen Deitiet. To which is prefixed, a copious grammar of the English language. The Whole containing every Thing that is valuable in all the English Dictionaries, And other Grammatical Productions extant. Carefully collected and digested, so that the Possessors of this Work may obtain any Information they require, without having Recourse to any other Dictionary. By the Rev. Charles Marriott, A. M. Rector of Drayton Cum-Longdale; and Others.

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    The new speller for foreigners;a sounding and pronouncing system,

  14. 114

    A New spelling dictionary of the English language,In which the words are accented so as to render the pronunciation perfectly easy, the syllables in each distinctly pointed out, and the parts of speech properly distinguished. To which is prefixed a concise historical account of the language, and a short, but comprehensive English grammar. The whole intended for the instruction of youth of both sexes.

  15. 115

    The new spelling dictionary,teaching to write and pronounce the English tongue with ease and propriety; ... With a list of proper names of men and women. The whole compiled and digested in a manner entirly new, to make it a complete pocket companion ... By the Rev. John Entick, ...

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    A new spelling, pronouncing, and explanatory dictionary of the English languageContaining, I. The words printed according to their true orthography, with the accented vowel or consonant marked in each, and the part of speech added to which each word belongs. II. The words reprinted, divided accurately as they are pronounced; and showing, in the most simple and easy manner, the proper sound of every letter, without disfiguring the words or altering their orthography. III. The various significations of each word. To which is prefixed, an introductory essay in three parts. 1. Elements of English pronounciation. 2. Elements of elocution, or the degree of language. 3. Elements of English grammar. With an appendix, containing an account of the heathen gods and goddesses, ancient heroes, &c. a table of remarkable occurences from the creation; and a lift of celebrated writers. The whole forming an agreeable and valuable companion for the youth of both sexes, and particularly for the improvement of Natives and foreigners in the proper speaking and writing of the English ... By William Scott, teacher of English Reading, and compiler of Lessons of Elocution, &c.

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    A new system of English etymology: consisting of a pupil's manual and a teacher's class-book.

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    The new Webster-Cooley course in English ...

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    The new Webster-Cooley course in English ...

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    The new Webster-Cooley course in English ...

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    New word-analysis, or, School etymology of English derivative words :with practical exercises in spelling, analyzing, defining, synonyms, and the use of words

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    On an English Vowel-Mutation, present in Cag, KegTransactions and proceedings of the American Philological Association

  23. 123

    On the history and use of the suffixes -ery (-ry), -age, and -ment in English.

  24. 124

    The only sure guide the English tongue or, New pronouncing spelling-book: upon the same plan as the royal standard English dictionary designed for the use of schools and private families.To which is added, an appendix, containing several very useful lists of words properly accented, which had been omitted in the two last editions. By W. Perry, lecturer on the English language, in the academy, Edinburgh.

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    Origins and meanings of popular phrases and names,

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    The orthoëpist: a pronouncing manual containing about four thousand five hundred words including a considerable number of the names of foreign authors, artists, etc., that are often mispronounced,

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    The orthoëpist:a pronouncing manual containing about four thousand five hundred words, including a considerable number of the names of foreign authors, artists, etc., that are often mispronounced,

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    The orthoëpist: a pronouncing manual, containing about three thousand five hundred words, including a considerable number of the names of foreign authors, artists, etc., that are often mispronounced.

  29. 129

    The orthoëpist:a pronouncing manual, containing about three thousand five hundred words, including a considerable number of the names of foreign authors, artists, etc., that are often mispronounced.

  30. 130

    An orthographie, conteyning the due order and reason, howe to write or paint thimage of mannes voice, most like to the life or nature.

  31. 131

    Outlines of etymology.

  32. 132

    The Pacific coast speller.

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    A Panjabi phonetic reader

  34. 134

    A phonetic dictionary of the English language,

  35. 135

    A phonographic dictionary of the English language,containing the most usual words, to the number of twelve thousand. August, 1845-December, 1846, forming a supplement of the Ipswich fono-press.

  36. 136

    A practical English grammar, with exercises of bad spelling and bad English: or, a plain and easy guide to speaking and writing the English language with accuracy and correctness. Containing, I. Orthography; or the Nature of True Spelling, with the Sounds of the Letters in all States; of the Division of Words into Syllables, and the right Use of Points. II. Prosody; or the Art of pronouncing the Parts or Syllables in Words, correctly, with more extensive Tables of Words properly accented than any Book of the Kind extant. III. Etymology; explaining the different Parts of Speech, the Derivation of Words, their different Endings, Change and Likeness. IV. Syntax; which teaches how to connect Words aright in a Sentence, or Sentences together. V. Etymology and syntax; exemplified in shewing the Parts of Speech of every Word, in several Pieces of English; with Reference to all the Rules, and Reasons why they are so. Together with Abbreviations, Epistolary Correspondence, Affinity in Words in an extensive Manner, Emphasis, Versification, and the Nature of Rhetorical Tropes and Figures. By John Carter, Teacher of the English Language

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    Practical exercises in English

  38. 138

    Practical orthography, or, The art of teaching spelling by writing :containing an improved method of dictating : with exercises for practice : and collections of words of difficult, irregular and variable spelling ...

  39. 139

    Practical spelling;a text book for use in commercial schools, normal schools, colleges, academies, and high schools.

  40. 140

    Pronounciation of Greek and Latin

  41. 141

    A pronouncing and spelling dictionaryIn which, by distinguishing signs of the literal sounds, the proper sounds of English words are clearly intimated; and by which, both His Majesty's subjects, and foreigners, may correct an improper, or acquire a right pronunciation of the English language. Together with an introduction, and an appendix, containing many new, and useful observations on the sounds of the letters; distinguishing signs of their different sounds; and directions for attaining to a right pronunciation. And also, by way of praxis, a discourse on an important subject; in which, the right sounds of its words are so clearly intimated, that a stranger, after acquainting himself with the introduction, may be able to pronounce them properly. To which is now added, a short, and plain grammer of the English language. The second edition, with considerable additions and improvements. By William Johnston, M.A.

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    A pronouncing and spelling dictionary,of the English language. The words ... arranged according to Noah Webster's pronunciation ...

  43. 143

    A pronouncing vocabulary :with lessons in prose and verse and a few grammatical excercises

  44. 144

    The pronunciation of 10,000 proper names, giving famous geographical and biographical names, names of books, works of art, characters in fiction, foreign titles, etc.

  45. 145

    Pronunciation of English vowels, 1400-1700,

  46. 146

    The pronunciation of the names of Italian painters,

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    Prosodical GrammarA dictionary of the English language, both with regard to sound and meaning ... To which is prefixed a prosodial grammar.

  48. 148

    Prosodical GrammarA complete dictionary of the English language, both with regard to sound and meaning ... To which is prefixed a prosodial grammar.

  49. 149

    The readable dictionary;or, Topical and synonymic lexicon ... classified by subjects, and arranged according to their affinities of meaning; with accompanying etymologies, definitions, and illustrations. To which are added, I. Lists of foreign terms and phrases ... II. A table of the common abbreviations. III. An alphabetical list of Latin and Greek roots, with derivatives ...

  50. 150

    Report on some measurements in spelling :in schools of the Borough of Richmond, City of New York.