The Princeton Prosody Archive (v3) is implemented as a custom Python/Django web application; the documented and tested source code is available on GitHub.

A curated set of HathiTrust materials are made locally accessible to the application as a dataset retrieved via rsync, and minimal records are imported into a relational database to enable data curation and management, including adding items to collections. Metadata and full-text page content for HathiTrust materials are indexed in Apache Solr, which is used to power the archive search. The current version only supports HathiTrust content and manually entered, metadata-only records, but it was designed with an eye towards extensibility and eventually supporting full-text content from other sources. Nothing in the site functionality is specific to prosody, and this project should be extensible for creating other curated collections from HathiTrust materials.

See the project codebase technical documentation for more details, including a full change log of features by version and database diagrams.

See How to Cite for information on citing the project as a whole or the PPA codebase in particular.

Platforms, Libraries, and Technologies

The Princeton Prosody Archive relies on an ecosystem of existing open and free software packages, libraries, and languages. The team is grateful for the many organizations and individual developers who share our commitment to creating well-documented, open-source software solutions: