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  1. 51

    An essay on English orthography,with a consideration of the schemes which have been suggested for its improvement by the adoption of a system of phonetic spelling.

  2. 52

    An essay towards establishing a standard for an elegant and uniform pronunciation of the English language,throughout the British dominions, as practised by the most learned and polite speakers. A work entirely new; and whereby every one can be his own private teacher. Designed for the use of schools, and of foreigners as well as natives; especially such whose professions engage them to speak in public. By James Buchanan, author of the British grammar, &c.

  3. 53

    The etymologic interpreter, or, An explanatory and pronouncing dictionary of the English language :to which is prefixed an introduction containing a full development of the principles of etymology and grammar, &c. &c. &c.

  4. 54

    An etymological manual of the English and French languages

  5. 55

    An etymological manual of the English language;comprising the prefixes, affixes and principal Latin, Greek, and Saxon roots of the English language.

  6. 56

    Etymologies, chiefly Anglo-French

  7. 57

    Exercises in orthography :or, easy, instructive and entertaining lessons, selected from the best writers, designed to assist young persons to spell with accuracy and effect

  8. 58

    First principles of French pronunciation

  9. 59

    A general pronouncing and explanatory dictionary of the English language.To which is added, a vocabulary of Scripture proper names, &c.

  10. 60

    General rules for the pronunciation of the English language,with complete lists of the exceptions,

  11. 61

    German orthography and phonology :a treatise with a word-list

  12. 62

    German pronunciation:practice and theory. The best German--German sounds, and how they are represented in spelling--The letters of the alphabet, and their phonetic values--German accent--Specimens.

  13. 63

    A glossary :or, Collection of words, phrases, names, and allusions to customs, proverbs, etc., which have been thought to require illustration, in the words of English authors, particularly Shakespeare, and his contemporaries

  14. 64

    A glossary :or, Collection of words, phrases, names, and allusions to customs, proverbs, etc., which have been thought to require illustration, in the words of English authors, particularly Shakespeare, and his contemporaries

  15. 65

    A grammatical institute of the English language.Comprising an easy, concise, and systematic method of education, designed for the use of English schools in America. In three parts. Part II. Containing a plain and comprehensive grammar, grounded on the true principles and idioms of the language. By Noah Webster, Jun. Esq.

  16. 66

    A grammatical introduction to the modern pronunciation and spelling of the English tongue.For private Perusal, and for public Schools. By John Drummond, Teacher of English in Edinburgh.

  17. 67

    A grammatical system of the English languagecomprehending a plain and familiar scheme, of teaching young gentlemen and ladies the art of speaking and writing correctly their native tongue. By Caleb Alexander, A.M. [One line of Latin quotation].

  18. 68

    A guide to the English tonguein two parts. The First proper for Beginners, shewing a Natural and Easy Method, to pronounce and express both Common Words, and proper Names; in which particular Care is had to shew the Accent, for preventing Vitious Pronounciation. The Second for such as are advanced to some Ripeness of Judgment, containing Observations on the Sounds of Letters and Diphthongs; Rules for the true Division of Syllables, and the Use of Capitals, Stops, and Marks: With large tables of Abbreviations, and Distinctions of Words; and several Alphabets of Copies for young Writers. To which is now added, an appendix, containing many additional Lessons, in Prose and Verse; First, in words of one Syllable only; and then mixed with Words of two, three, four, five, six, and seven Syllables. By T. Dyche, Schoolmaster at Stratford Bow.

  19. 69

    A hand-book of Anglo-Saxon root-words :in three parts

  20. 70

    A handbook of pronunciation :giving principles and illustrations, adapted to the use of students, with or without a teacher

  21. 71

    Hazen's complete spelling-book for all grades of public and private schools.Containing three parts adapted to primary, intermediate, grammar and high schools.

  22. 72

    A history of English sounds from the earliest period,with full word-lists,

  23. 73

    How should I pronounce? or, The principles of the art of correct pronunciation :a manual for schools, colleges, and private use

  24. 74

    How to talk:a pocket manual of conversation and debating; with directions for acquiring a grammatical, easy, and graceful style ... with more than five hundred errors in speaking corrected.

  25. 75

    The imperial dictionary of the English language:

  26. 76

    The imperial dictionary of the English language:

  27. 77

    The imperial dictionary of the English language:

  28. 78

    The imperial dictionary, English, technological, and scientific ...

  29. 79

    The imperial dictionary, English, technological, and scientific :adapted to the present state of literature, science, and art, on the basis of Webster's dictionary, with the addition of many thousand words and phrases from the other standard dictionaries and encyclopedias, and from numerous other sources ...

  30. 80

    International encyclopædic dictionary :a new original and exhaustive work of references to all English words ... being also a comprehensive encyclopædia of all the arts and sciences ...

  31. 81

    Introduction to An analytical dictionary of the English language ...

  32. 82

    An introduction to reading and spelling. By William Scott, author of lessons in elocution, and a new spelling and pronouncing dictionary of the English language; and teacher of English, writing, and accounts

  33. 83

    An introduction to the English language and learning.In three parts. Part I. A Spelling-Book of Arts and Sciences; Containing Alphabets of all the Words in the following Sciences, viz. Theology, Ethics, Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Poetry, Mythology, Phylosophy, Geography, Astronomy, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Mathematics, Mechanics, Anatomy, Physic, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Botany, Jurisprudence, Heraldry. Disposed in a Method entirely New; With the Rules of True Pronunciation and Spelling. Part II. The Rudiments of English Grammar. With the Rules of Orthography, Construction, Emphasis, and a Just Elocution. Part III. Lessons on all the above-mentioned Sciences; Containing a particular Description of each, by Way of Exercise, or Praxis, to enable the Scholar to read justly and judiciously on any Subject whatsoever. With a Preface, shewing, that nothing short of the Method here taken can be sufficient for a Plan of Genuine English Education. By Benjamin Martin.

  34. 84

    The irish spelling-bookor, instruction for the reading of English, fitted for the youth of Ireland. In which are set forth many useful Observations in Spelling, Alterations, and Amendments in the Sounds of Letters, both Single and Double; Exact Formations of both Sorts by the several Organs of Voice;-A Discourse on Prosody: A large Chapter about various Quantities of Vowels, Change, and Loss of Letters and Syllables in Pronunciation;-Rules for the right Reading of Prose and Verse;-A new Method of Parsing, according to Orthography and Prosody;-A Method of Teaching, useful both to Scholars and their Teachers; -And many other necessary Things, interspersed in each Part of the Book.

  35. 85

    The Jurnal ov American orthoepy.

  36. 86

    The juvenile expositor : or,Sequel to the common spelling-book ; containing a collection of the most useful words in the English language, clearly explained, and adapted to the comprehension of young persons ; being an introduction to Walker's dictionary ; with a course of reading lessons in prose and verse... ; to which is added the abridgment of Murray's English grammar, with his latest improvements, additions, and corrections ; with an additional appendix...

  37. 87

    A key to the classical pronunciation of Greek and Latin proper names, in which the words are accented and divided into syllables exactly as they ought to be pronounced; with References to Rules, which Show the Analogy of Pronunciation, To which is added, a Complete Vocabulary of Scripture Proper Names, Divided into Sylsables, and accented according to Rules drawn from Analogy and the best Usage. Concluding with Observations on the Greek and Latin Accent and Quantity with Some probable Conjectures on the Method of freeing them from the Obscurity and Confusion in which they are involved, both by the Ancients and Moderns. By John Walker, Author of the Critical Pronouncing Dictionary, &c. &c

  38. 88

    A key to the classical pronunciation of Greek, Latin and Scripture proper names :in which the words are accented and divided into syllables ; to which are added terminational vocabularies of Hebrew, Greek and Latin proper names ; concluding with observations on the Greek and Latin accents and quantity

  39. 89

    The language-speller;a correlation of language work with spelling,

  40. 90

    Latin pronunciation.An inquiry into the proper sound of the Latin language during the classical period.

  41. 91

    Lessons in enunciation :comprising a course of elementary exercises and a statement of common errors in articulation, with the rules of correct usage in pronouncing ; to which is added an appendix, containing rules and exercises on the mode of enunciation required for public reading and speaking

  42. 92

    Lingua Britannica reformataor, a new English dictionary, under the following titles, viz. I. Universal; ... VIII. Philosophical; ... To which is prefix'd, an introduction, containing a physico-grammatical essay on the propriety and rationale of the English tongue, ... By Benj. Martin.

  43. 93

    Linguæ Britannicæ vera pronunciatioor, a new English dictionary. Containing I. An explanation of all English words used by the best writers; the various Senses of each Word being distinctly pointed out by Figures 1, 2, 3, &c. II. The Language from which each Word is derived. III. The part of Speech to which it belongs. IV. A supplement of upwards of 4000 proper names. In Which Every Word has not only the common Accent to denote the Emphasis of the Voice, but, in order to a just Pronunciation, every Syllable is marked with a long or short Accent to determine its Quantity; and the quiescent Letters, various sounds of Vowess, &c. are so distinguished, that any Person, Native or Foreigner, who can but read, may speedily acquire an accurate Pronunciation of the English Language. To the whole is prefixed a dissertation on the species of sounds, &c. with practical Observations on the various Powers and Formations of the Letters. A work intirely new, and designed for the Use of Schools, and of Foreigners, as well as Natives who would speak, read, and write English with Propriety and Accuracy. By James Buchanan.

  44. 94

    Manipulus vocabulorum.A dictionary of English and Latin words, arranged in the alphabetical order of the last syllables,

  45. 95

    Manual of English pronunciation and spelling :containing a full alphabetical vocabulary of the language with a preliminary exposition of English orthoëpy and orthography ...

  46. 96

    A manual of etymology :containing Latin & Greek derivatives : with a key, giving the prefix, root, and suffix

  47. 97

    A manual of orthography and elementary sounds

  48. 98

    Manual, analytical and synthetical, of orthography and definition

  49. 99

    A measuring scale for ability in spelling

  50. 100

    The model etymology,with sentences showing the correct use of words; and a key giving the analysis of English words.