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  1. 2851

    Two lectures introductory to the study of poetry,

  2. 2852

    Two-book course in English

  3. 2853

    Two-book course in English

  4. 2854

    A Type of Blank Verse Line Found in the Earlier Elizabethan DramaPublications of the Modern Language Association of America

  5. 2855

    A Type of Four-Stress Verse in ShakespeareNew Shakespeareana :

  6. 2856

    The universal Libraryor, compleat summary of science. Containing above sixty select treatises. I. Of Theology, Philosophy, Metaphysicks, Ethicks, Oeconomy, Religion, Games used at Ancient Festivals, Cosmography, Elements, Geography, Hydrography, Travel, Government, Chronology, History, Laws, Coins, Medals, Weights and Measures, Meteors, Rarities, Mankind in the Different Sexes of Men and Women, Physick, Chyrurgery, Chymistry, Cookery and Dyet. II. Of Animals, Vegetables and Agriculture, Gems, Metals, Grammar and Languages, Hieroglyphicks, Poetry, Logick, Rhetorick, Musick, Arithmetick, Geometry, Architecture, Surveying, Gauging, Dyalling, Navigation; The Military Art, Fortification, Gunnery, Astronomy, Astrology, Augury, Magick, Mathematical Magick, Dreams and Apparitions, Heraldry, Painting, Colours and Dying, Opticks, Angling, Fowling, Inventions, Ignorance in the Ancients, and Errors among the People. With Divers Secrets, Experiments and Curiosities therein. In two volumes.

  7. 2857

    The Universal standard speaker;a handbook of entertainment for all occassions; including rules for the training of the voice and the use of gesture.

  8. 2858

    University drama in the Tudor age,

  9. 2859

    The Use of Alliteration in Shakespeare's PoemsPoet lore.

  10. 2860

    The Use of an Unstressed Extra-Metrical Syllable to Carry the RimeThe Modern language review.

  11. 2861

    The use of anaphora in the amplification of a general truth, illustrated chiefly from silver Latin,

  12. 2862

    The use of color in the verse of the English romantic poets.

  13. 2863

    The Use of Final -e in Early English, with especial reference to the final -e at the end of the verse in Chaucer's Canterbury TalesEssays on Chaucer, his words and works.

  14. 2864

    The Use of So-Called Classical Metres in Elizabethan Verse I.The Modern language quarterly.

  15. 2865

    The Use of So-Called Classical Metres in Elizabethan Verse II.The Modern language quarterly.

  16. 2866

    Uses and Abuses of MetreAn anatomy of poetry.

  17. 2867

    The value of English to the technical man :an address to the Technological Society of Kansas City, The Engineering Society of the University of Missouri, and the Civil Engineering Society of the University of Kansas.

  18. 2868

    The Value of Meter in VerseCurrent literature.

  19. 2869

    Variation in the Latin Dactylic HexameterPhilological quarterly.

  20. 2870

    Variation in the Old High German Post-Otfridian Poems.Modern language notes.

  21. 2871

    Vedic metre in its historical development,

  22. 2872

    Vergil and the English poets,

  23. 2873

    Vers LibreNew Statesman.

  24. 2874

    Vers libre a logical development of French verse,

  25. 2875

    Vers libre and Metrical ProsePoetry.

  26. 2876

    Vers Libre in Theory and PracticeEnglish studies.

  27. 2877

    VerseThe Encyclopædia britannica; a dictionary of arts, sciences, literature and general information.

  28. 2878

    The VerseAn account of the life, opinions, and writings of John Milton, with an introduction to Paradise lost.

  29. 2879

    Verse and ProseThe Journal of English and Germanic philology.

  30. 2880

    Verse as Prose in the AyenbiteModern language notes.

  31. 2881

    The verse of Greek comedy

  32. 2882

    Verse satire in England before the renaissance,

  33. 2883

    The verse technique of the major New England poets

  34. 2884

    Verse writing;a practical handbook for college classes and private guidance, with exercises

  35. 2885

    Verse--free or confined?The Dial

  36. 2886

    Verse-Sentence Patterns in English PoetryPhilological quarterly.

  37. 2887

    Versification and the Edinburgh AcademyThe Phrenological journal and miscellany.

  38. 2888

    Versification of DonneThe literary remains of Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  39. 2889

    The versification of King Horn ...

  40. 2890

    The versification of Leconte de Lisle.

  41. 2891

    The versification of Pope in its relations to the seventeenth century ...

  42. 2892

    The versification of Robert Browning,

  43. 2893

    The Versification of Tennyson's Early PoemsPublications of the Modern Language Association of America

  44. 2894

    Versification of the cauderna vía as found in Berceo's Vida de Santo Domingo de Silos,

  45. 2895

    The Versification of the Old English Poem 'Phoenix.'American journal of philology.

  46. 2896

    Versification: The Music of SpeechThe realm of poetry; an introduction.

  47. 2897

    Versions from Hafiz;an essay in Persian metre,

  48. 2898

    Versus TetracolosClassical philology.

  49. 2899

    The vestibule of eloquence:original articles oratorical and poetical, intended as exercises in recitation, at the Institution, Bedford Place, Russell Square

  50. 2900

    The Vicissitudes of Blank VerseThe London mercury.