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  1. 2901

    Victorian poets.

  2. 2902

    Victorian poets;

  3. 2903

    The villain as hero in Elizabethan tragedy,

  4. 2904

    A vindication of Mr. George Buchanan's paraphrase of the Book of psalms,from the objections rais'd against it by William Benson, Esq; Auditor in Exchequer, in the supplement and conclusion he has annex'd to his prefatory discourse to his new edition of Dr. Arthur Johnston's version of that sacred book. In which also, upon a comparison of the performances of those two poets, the superiority is demonstrated to belong to Buchanan. Wherein likewise several Passages of the Original are occasionally illustrated: Together with some useful Observations concerning the Latin Poetry and Arts of Versification. In a letter to that learned gentleman. By Thomas Ruddiman, A.M.

  5. 2905

    A vindication of the Appendix to the poems, called Rowley's,in reply to The answers of the Dean of Exeter, Jacob Bryant, Esquire, and a third anonymous writer; with some further observations upon those poems, and an examination of the evidence which has been produced in support of their authenticity; by Thomas Tyrwhitt.

  6. 2906

    Virgil's Georgics and the British poets.

  7. 2907

    The vision of William concerning Piers Plowman,together with Vita de Dowel, Dobet, et Dobest, secundum Wit et Resoun,

  8. 2908

    Visual PoetryPoetry : a Magazine of Verse.

  9. 2909

    Visual PoetryPoetry : a Magazine of Verse.

  10. 2910

    Vocal expression;a class-book of voice training and interpretation,

  11. 2911

    Vocal faults and their remedies,

  12. 2912

    The vocalism of Romanic words in Chaucer ...

  13. 2913

    Voice and nerve control,

  14. 2914

    Voice culture and elocution.

  15. 2915

    Voice, speech and gesture;a practical handbook to the elocutionary art, comprising also selections in prose and verse adapted for recitation, reading, and dramatic recital.

  16. 2916

    Voltaire's Essay on epic poetry :a study and an edition ...

  17. 2917

    Vowel Alliteration in Modern PoetryModern language notes.

  18. 2918

    Vowel Alliteration in Modern Poetry.Modern language notes.

  19. 2919

    Voyage to Locuta;a fragment: with etchings and notes of illustration.

  20. 2920

    Vuttodaya (Exposition of metre) :a Pali text

  21. 2921

    Walt Whitman,

  22. 2922

    Warman's school-room friend;practical suggestions on reading, reciting and impersonating. (Not a treatise on elocution.)

  23. 2923

    The well of English and the bucket,

  24. 2924

    A well-planned course in reading with elocutionary advice;arranged for the use of classes in elocution and reading,

  25. 2925

    Wells of English.

  26. 2926

    West-country poets:their lives and works. Being an account of about four hundred verse writers of Devon and Cornwall, with poems and extracts.

  27. 2927

    What English Poetry May Still Learn from GreekEssays and studies.

  28. 2928

    What is 'Blank Verse'?The contemporary review

  29. 2929

    What is Metre, and How Should It Be Taught?Proceedings.

  30. 2930

    What is rhythm?An essay.

  31. 2931

    What Was Ictus in Latin Prosody?American journal of philology.

  32. 2932

    Whence Does the Poet Get the Form of his Verse?Modern languages

  33. 2933

    Who Wrote Shakespere's Henry VIII?The gentleman's magazine.

  34. 2934

    Why is it that Scotland, England, Ireland, Greece, Rome, Palestine, Arabia, and young America have all had first-rate poets, while many other countries never had any?

  35. 2935

    Wieland's translation of Shakespeare,

  36. 2936

    William Browne; his Britannia's pastorals and the pastoral poetry of the Elizabethan age.

  37. 2937

    William Shakespeare, prosody and text;an essay in criticism, being an introduction to a better editing and a more adequate appreciation of the works of the Elizabethan poets,

  38. 2938

    Word stress in English:a short treatise on the accentuation of words in Middle-English as compared with the stress in Old and Modern English,

  39. 2939

    Word-order in English verse from Pope to Sassoon,

  40. 2940

    Words and Music in SongEssays and studies.

  41. 2941

    Words in singing :a practical guide to the study of phonetics, and its application to song.

  42. 2942

    Wordsworth and Tolstoi and other papers

  43. 2943

    Wordsworth's unacknowledged debt to Macpherson's Ossian.

  44. 2944

    Wordsworths' prefaces and essays on poetry :with letter to Lady Beaumont. (1798-1845)

  45. 2945

    The works of Anacreon and Sappho, with pieces from ancient authorsand occasional essays; illustrated by observations on their lives and writings, explanatory notes from established commentators, and additional remarks by the editor; with The classic, an introductory poem.

  46. 2946

    The works of celebrated authors,of whose writings there are but small remains. ... . Containing the Works of The Earl of Roscommon. The Earl of Dorset. The Earl of Hallifax. And Sir Samuel Garth.

  47. 2947

    The works of Fulke Greville;a thesis by Morris W. Croll.

  48. 2948

    The works of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, and of Sir Thomas Wyatt, the Elder

  49. 2949

    The works of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, and of Sir Thomas Wyatt, the Elder

  50. 2950

    The works of Joseph Addison;including the whole contents of Bp. Hurd's edition, with letters and other pieces not found in any previous collection; and Macaulay's essay on his life and works,