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  1. 2751

    Swinburne's Poetic Theories and PracticeThe Sewanee review.

  2. 2752

    Syllabification and accent in the Paradise lost.

  3. 2753

    Syllabus of a course of rhetorical lecturesin which the art of reading and speaking the English language With Elegance and Propriety, will be laid down on principles entirely new; and Illustrated in a Manner adapted to every Capacity. By John Rice, author of An introduction to the art of reading with Energy and Propriety *, and Editor of Milton's Paradise Lost, on a new Plan, For the Use of Schools *. * To be published, in a few Days, for Messrs. J. and R. Tonson in the Strand.

  4. 2754

    Syllabus of a course of twelve lectures on landmarks of English poetry,from Chaucer to Tennyson.

  5. 2755

    Synopsis of lectures on belles lettres and logic,read in the University of St. Andrews.

  6. 2756

    A syntactic, stylistic and metrical study of Prudentius.

  7. 2757

    The synthetic philosophy of expression as applied to the arts of reading, oratory, and personation,

  8. 2758

    A system of English versification :containing rules for the structure of the different kinds of verse : illustrated by numerous examples from the best poets

  9. 2759

    A system of Greek prosody and metre :for the use of schools and colleges : together with the choral scanning of the Prometheus vinctus of Aeschylus, and the Ajax and Oedipus tyrannus of Sophocles : to which are appended remarks on Indo-Germanic analogies

  10. 2760

    A system of Latin prosody and metre,from the best authorities, ancient and modern.

  11. 2761

    A system of Latin versification :in a series of progressive exercises, including specimens of translation from English and German poetry into Latin verse : for the use of schools and colleges

  12. 2762

    A system of notation;representing the sounds of alphabetical characters by a new application of the accentual marks in present use: with such additions as were necessary to supply deficiencies.

  13. 2763

    A system of rhetoric.In a method entirely new. Containing all the tropes and figures necessary to illustrate the classics. Both poetical and historical. To render which more generally useful, the whole is divided into two parts; in the first of which the rules are given in English, in the second in Latin verse; below which are placed proper examples in each language; and at the bottom of the page are the terms translated in the one, and their derivations from the Greek in the other. For the use of schools. By John Stirling, D.D. late vicar of Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire.

  14. 2764

    A system of rhetorick,in a method entirely new. Containing all the tropes and figures, necessary to illustrate the classicks, both Poetical and Historical. For the Use of Schools. By John Sterling, M.A. To which is added, The art of rhetorick made easy: or the elements of oratory, Briefly stated, and fitted for the Practice of the Studious Youth of Great - Britain and Ireland: Illustrated with proper Examples to each Figure, and a Collection of Speeches from the best English Authors. By John Holmes.

  15. 2765

    The table talk and Omniana of Samuel Taylor Coleridge...

  16. 2766

    Table talk of Samuel Taylor Coleridge,and The Rime of the ancient mariner, Christabel, &c.,

  17. 2767

    Tacitus,and other Roman studies,

  18. 2768

    Tales fom Scottish history in prose and verse.Selected from the works of standard authors.

  19. 2769

    The Tapping Test for ImmortalityThe Sewanee review.

  20. 2770

    Teaching literature in the grammar grades and high school,

  21. 2771

    The teaching of English,

  22. 2772

    The teaching of English,teaching the art and the science of language,

  23. 2773

    The Teaching of RhythmThe Musical quarterly.

  24. 2774

    Teaching the mother tongue,

  25. 2775

    The technic of versification;notes and illustrations,

  26. 2776

    The technic of versification;notes and illustrations,

  27. 2777

    The technique of English nondramatic blank verse.

  28. 2778

    The technique of the French alexandrine;a study of the works of Leconte de Lisle, Jose Maria de Heredia, François Coppee, Sully Prudhomme, and Paul Verlaine,

  29. 2779

    The temper of the seventeenth century in English literature;

  30. 2780

    The temple musickor, an essay concerning the method of singing the Psalms of David, in the Temple, before the Babylonish captivity. Wherein, The Musick of our Cathedrals in Vindicated, and supposed to be Conformable, not only to that of the Primitive Christians, but also to the Practice of the Church in all preceding Ages. By Arthur Bedford, Chaplain to his Grace the late Duke of Bedford; and Vicar of Temple, in the City of Bristol.

  31. 2781

    Tendencies in modern American poetry

  32. 2782

    Tennyson's Use of ss in Blank VerseModern language notes.

  33. 2783

    The tenth muse,

  34. 2784

    Tertium quid :chapters on various disputed questions

  35. 2785

    A Test for Udall's AuthorshipModern language notes.

  36. 2786

    The Text and Prosody of ShakespeareStudies in Shakespeare

  37. 2787

    That dome in air :thoughts on poetry and the poets.

  38. 2788

    The Heroic Couplet in the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries, with Special Reference to the Influence of Ovid and the Latin Elegaic DistichAbstracts of dissertations for the degrees of doctor of philosophy and doctor of education, with the titles of theses accepted for the degrees of engineer, master of arts, and master of science.

  39. 2789

    The Lucretian Hexameter, IUniversity of California publications in classical philology.

  40. 2790

    The Lucretian Hexameter, IIUniversity of California publications in classical philology.

  41. 2791

    The Physical Basis of RimePublications of the Modern Language Association of America.

  42. 2792

    The Problems of the Elizabethan PoetsPoet lore.

  43. 2793

    The Versification of Latin Metrical Inscriptions Except Saturnians and DactylicsHarvard studies in classical philology

  44. 2794

    Theatrum poetarum Anglicanorum.Containing the names and characters of all the English poets, from the reign of Henry III. to the close of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. By Edward Phillips, The Nephew of Milton. First published in 1675, and now enlarged by additions to every article from subsequent biographers and critics.

  45. 2795

    Theology in the English poets.Cowper -- Coleridge -- Wordsworth, and Burns.

  46. 2796

    The Theory of LanguageDissertations moral and critical. On memory and imagination. On dreaming. The theory of language. On fable and romance. On the attachments of kindred. Illustrations on sublimity.

  47. 2797

    The theory of language.Part I. Of the origin and general nature of speech. Part II. Of universal grammar.

  48. 2798

    The theory of poetry in England;its development in doctrines and ideas from the sixteenth century to the nineteenth century,

  49. 2799

    The theory of poetry,

  50. 2800

    The theory of poetry,