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  1. 2801

    The theory of sciences illustratedor the grounds and principles of the seven liberal arts Grammar Logick Rhetorick Musick Arithmetick Geometry Astronomy. Accurately Demonstrated and Reduced to Practice. With Variety of Questions, Problems and Propositions both Delightful and Profitable. By H. Curson, Gent.

  2. 2802

    The theory of the heroic epic in Italian criticism of the sixteenth century ...

  3. 2803

    The Theory of the Homeric Caesura According to the Extant Remains of Ancient DoctrineAmerican journal of philology.

  4. 2804

    A theory of the origin and development of the heroic hexameter

  5. 2805

    Third and final series of bibliographical collections and notes on early English literature,1474-1700

  6. 2806

    The third primary reader, consisting of extracts in prose and verse.With exercises in enunciation. For the use of the highest classes in primary schools.

  7. 2807

    Thomas Campion and the art of English poetry,

  8. 2808

    THOUGHTS concerning the ANTIENT DRAMA.The St. James's magazine. By Robert Lloyd, A.M.

  9. 2809

    Thoughts on elocution

  10. 2810

    THOUGHTS ON LYRIC POETRY.The poetical works of William Preston, Esq. in two volumes. ...

  11. 2811

    Thoughts on the poets.

  12. 2812

    Thoughts on the poets

  13. 2813

    The three literary letters (Ep. ad Ammaeum I, Ep. ad Pompeium, Ep. ad Ammaeum II) :the Greek text with English translation, facsimile, notes, glossary of rhetorical and grammatical terms, bibliography, and introductory essay on Dionysius as a literary critic

  14. 2814

    The Three Rondeaux of Sir Thomas Wyatt.Modern language notes.

  15. 2815

    The three tours of Doctor Syntax :in search of 1. The picturesque, 2. Of consolation, 3. Of a wife : the text complete.

  16. 2816

    Time in English verse rhythm;an empirical study of typical verses by the graphic method,

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  18. 2818

    The tone placed and developed,

  19. 2819

    The torch, and other lectures and addresses.

  20. 2820

    The tour of Doctor Syntax in search of the picturesque.

  21. 2821

    The tour of Doctor Syntax through London, or, The pleasures and miseries of the metropolis :a poem

  22. 2822

    The Towneley plays :re-edited from the unique ms.

  23. 2823

    Traces of epic influence in the tragedies of Aeschylus

  24. 2824

    A tract on the present state of English pronunciation,

  25. 2825

    Tradition and reaction in modern poetry,

  26. 2826

    The Translation of Anglo-Saxon PoetryPublications of the Modern Language Association of America

  27. 2827

    The Translation of BeowulfModern language notes.

  28. 2828

    The translation of Beowulf :and the relations of ancient and modern English verse.

  29. 2829

    Translations from modern Chinese.

  30. 2830

    Translations from modern Chinese.

  31. 2831

    The Treasury of knowledge and library of reference ...

  32. 2832

    The Treasury of knowledge and library of reference ...

  33. 2833

    The Treasury of knowledge, and library of reference ...

  34. 2834

    A treatise of languages wherein are laid down the general principles of each, with proper rules to judge of their respective merits and excellence, and more particularly of the French and English.Wrote originally in French by Monsieur Du Tremblay, professor of languages in the Royal Academy of Angers in France. And now translated into English by M.H.

  35. 2835

    A treatise of musick, speculative, practical and historical

  36. 2836

    A treatise of the several measures used by Horace in his odes and epodesmade English from Aldus Manutius; together with some further observations on, and Explanations of the same; translated from the French of Mons. de Martignac, and Trait? de la Methode Latine de Mons. Lancelot; being very necessary for school-boys that read Horace, to give them a Thorow Knowledge of the Composition of all the different Odes of that Poet.

  37. 2837

    A treatise on English versification.

  38. 2838

    A treatise on Greek tragic metres:with the choric parts of Sophocles metrically arranged.

  39. 2839

    A treatise on versification

  40. 2840

    A treatise on versification.

  41. 2841

    A treatise upon Greek accents.Translated from the Nouvelle methode Grecque, written by the Messieurs of Port-Royal. To which is prefixed, a character of the most valuable Greek authors.

  42. 2842

    Treatises on poetry, modern romance, and rhetoric;being the articles contributed to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 7th ed.

  43. 2843

    The Treatment of Dactylic Words in the Rhythmic Prose of Cicero, with Special Reference to the Sense PausesTransactions and proceedings of the American Philological Association

  44. 2844

    The treatment of nature in English poetry between Pope and Wordsworth,

  45. 2845

    Tropes and figures in Anglo-Saxon prose.

  46. 2846

    Trouvères and troubadours,a popular treatise

  47. 2847

    The true and antient manner of reading Hebrew without pointsand the whole art of the Hebrew versification deduced from it. Both laid down in so plain a Way as to be easily learned in a few Days. By Th-s Cl-s: Midras iaoeus.

  48. 2848

    The true historie of the Knyght of the burning pestle :full of mirthe & delight : by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher : first plaied about the year of our Lord, 1610 : booke of the play as presented by the English Club of the Stanford University : including a compendious discourse on seeing an Elizabethan play : the words & musick of manie pleasaunt songes as sung in the plaie and a notable account of how a young gallant should behave himselfe in a play-house, reprinted from the Gulls horne-book, by T. Deckar

  49. 2849

    The Tudor drama;a history of English national drama to the retirement of Shakespeare,

  50. 2850

    Two great Englishwomen, Mrs. Browning & Charlott Brontë :with an essay on poetry, illustrated from Wordsworth, Burns, and Byron