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    The new London spelling book.Or the young gentleman's and lady's guide to the English tongue. In five parts. I. For Beginners, shewing a natural and easy Method to pronounce and express both common Words and proper Names, gradually ascending from One to Six Syllables, properly distinguished by Tables. Together with easy Lessons, placed at the End of each Table, for the more speedy way of teaching Children to read. Also is added, a few Lessons on various Subjects in Verse; with Rules and Maxims of moral Conduct, &c. and may be spoke extempore on breaking-up. II. A Table of Words, that are the same or nearly alike in Sound but different in Signification and in Spelling; in which the Scholar should be made perfect, to spell without Book, to prevent the writing one Word for another. III. Directions for an agreeable Behaviour and polite Address; with a Table of Words, properly accented for Exercise in Spelling. IV. Lessons on various Subjects, in Prose and Verse. V. A plain and compendious Grammar, with Rules for spelling and dividing Words into Syllables; the Use of Stops, Marks, and Capitals; Rules for reading with Elegance and Propriety; Tables of Abbreviations, the Multiplication and Pence Tables; to which is added, the Church Catechism. In the whole of which great Care has been taken to collect what might teach Youth their Duty and Behaviour towards God and Man, and is recommended by several eminent Schoolmasters as the most useful Performance for the Instruction of Youth extant, as it will enable the Teacher to instruct his Scholars to read with Propriety, without the Assistance of any other Book. The tenth edition, corrected and improved. By Charles Vyse, Author of the Tutor's Guide; the Key to the Tutor's Guide; a New Geographical Grammar, for the Use of Schools; the Ladies Accomptant, &c.

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    The new London spelling-book.Or the young gentleman's and lady's guide to the English tongue. ... The eleventh edition, corrected and improved. By Charles Vyse, ...