A practical English grammar, with exercises of bad spelling and bad English: or, a plain and easy guide to speaking and writing the English language with accuracy and correctness. Containing, I. Orthography; or the Nature of True Spelling, with the Sounds of the Letters in all States; of the Division of Words into Syllables, and the right Use of Points. II. Prosody; or the Art of pronouncing the Parts or Syllables in Words, correctly, with more extensive Tables of Words properly accented than any Book of the Kind extant. III. Etymology; explaining the different Parts of Speech, the Derivation of Words, their different Endings, Change and Likeness. IV. Syntax; which teaches how to connect Words aright in a Sentence, or Sentences together. V. Etymology and syntax; exemplified in shewing the Parts of Speech of every Word, in several Pieces of English; with Reference to all the Rules, and Reasons why they are so. Together with Abbreviations, Epistolary Correspondence, Affinity in Words in an extensive Manner, Emphasis, Versification, and the Nature of Rhetorical Tropes and Figures. By John Carter, Teacher of the English Language

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