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    Lingua Britannica reformataor, a new English dictionary, under the following titles, viz. I. Universal; ... VIII. Philosophical; ... To which is prefix'd, an introduction, containing a physico-grammatical essay on the propriety and rationale of the English tongue, ... By Benj. Martin.

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    Lingua Britannica reformataor, a new universal English dictionary, under the following titles, viz. I. Universal; Containing a Definition and Explication of all the Words now used in the English Tongue, in every Art, Science, Faculty, or Trade. II. Etymological; Exhibiting and Explaining the true Etymon or Original of Words from their respective Mother-Tongues, the Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Saxon; and their Idioms, the French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, &c. III. Orthographical; Teaching the True and Rational Method of Writing Words, according to the Usage of the most approved Modern Authors. IV. Orthoepical; Directing the true Pronunciation of Words by single and double Accents; and by Indicating the Number of Syllables in Words where they are doubtful, by a Numerical Figure. V. Diacritical; Enumerating the various Significations of Words in a proper Order, viz. Etymological, Common, Figurative, Poetical, Humorous, Technical, &c. in a Manner not before attempted. VI. Philological; Explaining all the Words and Terms, according to the Modern Improvements in the various Philological Sciences, viz Grammar, Rhetoric, Legic, Metaphysics, Mythology, Theology, Ethics, &c. Vii. Mathematical; Not only explaining all the Words in Arithmetic, Algebra, Logarithms, Fluxions, Geometry, Couics, Dialling, Navigation, &c. according to the Modern Newtonian Mathesis; but the Terms of Art are illustrated by proper Examples, and Copper-Plate Figures. Viii. Philosophical; Explaining all Words and Terms in Astronomy, Geography, Optics, Hydrostatics, Acoustics, Mechanics, Perspective. &c. according to the latest Discoveries and Improvements in this Part of Literature. By Benj. Martin.