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    The art of scansion :

  2. 152

    The art of singing and vocal declamation

  3. 153

    The art of speaking

  4. 154

    The art of speaking in publickor an essay on the action of an orator; as to his pronunciation and gesture. Useful in the senate or theatre, the court, the camp, as well as the bar and pulpit.

  5. 155

    Art of speech,in two volumes; I. Studies in poetry and prose ...

  6. 156

    The Art of TranslationThe Journal of education.

  7. 157

    The art of verse making,

  8. 158

    The art of versification,

  9. 159

    The art of writing verse,

  10. 160

    The Art-Form of the Elizabethan Sonnet Sequence and Shakespeare's SonnetsShakespeare Jahrbuch.

  11. 161

    The arte of English poesie.

  12. 162

    The arte or crafte of rhethoryke;

  13. 163

    Aspects of literature

  14. 164

    Aspects of the speech in the later Greek epic ...

  15. 165

    The Assembly of Gods: or, The Accord of Reason and Sensuality in the Fear of Death. By John Lydgate.The assembly of gods, or, The accord of reason and sensuality in the fear of death

  16. 166

    AssonanceThe Encyclopædia britannica; a dictionary of arts, sciences, literature and general information.

  17. 167

    An Attempt at Some Improvement in that Subordinate Department of Literature, Orthography.The Weekly entertainer; or Agreeable and instructive repository. Containing a collection of select pieces, both in prose and verse; curious anecdotes, instructive tales, and ingenious essays on different subjects

  18. 168

    An attempt to render the pronunciation of the English language more easy to foreigners: being the abridgment of a larger work ... entitled. A dictionary of the English and French languages, ... By William Smith, A.M

  19. 169

    Attempts at Classical Metres in QuantityThe Cornhill magazine.

  20. 170

    Attic & Elizabethan tragedy,

  21. 171

    August Wilhelm Schlegel and Goethe's Epic and Elegiac VerseThe Journal of English and Germanic philology.

  22. 172

    Author's PrefacePoems of Gerard Manley Hopkins now first published :

  23. 173

    Authorities on English PronunciationThe Modern language review.

  24. 174

    The authors :A poem

  25. 175

    The Authorship of the Old English Bede: A Study in RhythmAnglia.

  26. 176

    The Authorship of the Secunda PastorumPublications of the Modern Language Association of America.

  27. 177

    Auxilia Vergiliana;or, First steps in Latin prosody.

  28. 178

    Bacon's nova resuscitatio; or, The unveiling of his concealed works and travels,

  29. 179

    Bacon's nova resuscitatio; or, The unveiling of his concealed works and travels,

  30. 180

    Bacon's nova resuscitatio; or, The unveiling of his concealed works and travels,

  31. 181

    The ballad in literature,

  32. 182

    The ballad minstrelsy of Scotland.

  33. 183

    Ballad PoetryJohnson's new universal cyclopædia

  34. 184

    The ballade,

  35. 185

    Ballades and rondeaus, chants royal, sestinas, villanelles, &c.,

  36. 186

    Ballads in the Cumberland dialect

  37. 187

    Bashō and the Japanese poetical epigram

  38. 188

    Batavian anthology;or, Specimens of the Dutch poets; with remarks on the poetical literature and language of the Netherlands, to the end of the seventeenth century.

  39. 189

    Bathyllus redivivusAn essay proving that the grammar, call'd Sheridan's, is a transcript from the Royal-Grammar: and, that his additions are erroneous, impertinent, and insufficient. By John Greer, A.M. and student in physick.

  40. 190

    The Bearing of the Cursus on the Text of Dante's De Vulgari EloquentiaProceedings of the British Academy.

  41. 191

    Beaumont, Fletcher, and MassingerEnglische Studien.

  42. 192

    Beaumont, Fletcher, and MassingerEnglische Studien.

  43. 193

    Beauties of eminent writersselected and arranged for the instruction of youth in the proper reading and reciting of the English language: calculated also to instil into the mind the principles of wisdom and, virtue, and to give it an early taste for the acquisition of useful knowledge, to which is now added, a concise system of English grammar, with exercises in orthography. In two volumes. Sold separately or together. For the use of schools and private classes. Second edition. By William Scott, teacher of the English language and geography in Edinburgh.

  44. 194

    The beauties of modern literature, in verse and prose;to which is prefixed, a preliminary view of the literature of the age.

  45. 195

    The beauties of poetry display'd.Containing observations on the different species of poetry, and the rules of English versification. Exemplified by a large collection of beautiful passages, similies, and descriptions, from the writings of Addison, Akinside, Blacklock, Dryden, Gay, Garth, Grey, Milton, Pope, Prior, Rowe, Shakespeare, Smart, Swift, Thomson, Waller, West, Young, and other celebrated poets. In two volumes.

  46. 196

    The beauties of poetryor, a portable repository of English verse, on an entire new plan. In three books. Grammar display'd, Classes of Rhymes: And Poems made To suit the Times, &c. By William Le Tans'ur, Author of The Elements of Music: The Life of Holy David, in Verse: Melodia Sacra: and The Christian Warrior, &c.

  47. 197

    The beginnings of English literature,

  48. 198

    The beginnings of poetry,

  49. 199

    Beginnings of the "classical" heroic couplet in England.

  50. 200

    The beginnings of the English secular and romantic drama:a paper read before the Shakespeare Association on Friday, February 29, 1920.