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    Live language lessons;teachers' manual,

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    The logographic-Emblematical English spelling bookor, a method of teaching children to read. Being founded upon an entirely new principle, by which any Infant, Four or Five Years old, and of ever so slow an Apprehension, will, with the greatest Ease to himself, and Teachers acquire, in a few Months, the utmost steadiness and fluency in Reading, and be enabled to make his way, at first sight, through any Book that may be put in his hands. To which are added instructions to enable any Persons to put this method in practice; as likewise four copper-plates, exhibiting the Emblems upon which this System is founded. By Mr. Lenoir, Professor of the French Language and Belles-Lettres, and Author of la Pratique de L'Orateur François, of L'Eloge Funébre de Louis XVI. of the French Logographic Emblematical Spelling Book, and several other esteemed Publications.

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    A manual of elocution founded upon the philosophy of the human voice :with classified illustrations : suggested by and arranged to meet the practical difficulties of instruction

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    Manual of physical and vocal training,for the use of schools and for private instruction.

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    The melodic method in school music;a manual for teachers and supervisors,

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    The method of teaching and studing the Belles lettres,Or An introduction to languages, poetry, rhetoric, history, moral philosophy, physicks, &c. With reflections on taste; and instructions with regard to the eloquence of the pultit, the bar, and the stage. The whole illustrated with passages from the most famous poets and orator, ancient and modern, with critical remarks on them. Designed more particularly for students in the University. By Mr. Rollin, late principal of the University of Paris, professor of Eloquence in the Royal College, and member of the Royal Academy of Inscriptions and Belles lettres. The fourth edition. In four volumes. Translated from the French.

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    The method of teaching and studying the belles lettres; or, An introduction to languages, poetry, rhetoric, history, moral philosophy, physics, &c. :with reflections on taste, and instructions with regard to the eloquence of the pulpit, the bar, and the stage; the whole illustrated with passages from the most famous poets and orators, ancient and modern, with critical remarks on them; designed more particularly for students in the universities

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    The method of teaching and studying the belles lettres; or, An introduction to languages, poetry, rhetoric, history, moral philosophy, physics, &c. :with reflections on taste, and instructions with regard to the eloquence of the pulpit, the bar, and the stage; the whole illustrated with passages from the most famous poets and orators, ancient and modern, with critical remarks on them; designed more particularly for students in the universities

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    The metres of the Greeks and Romans :a manual for schools and private study

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    A new complete English dictionary,peculiarly adapted to the, instruction and improvement of those who have not had the benefit of a learned or liberal education, ... To which is prefixed a compendious grammar ... by D. Bellamy ... Mr. Gordon, and others.

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    A new guide to the English tonguein five parts. Containing, I. Words both common and proper, from one to six Syllables: The several Sorts of Monasyllables in the common Words being distinguished by Tables, into Words of two, three, and four Letters, &c. with six short Lessons at the End of each Table, not exceeding the order of Syllables in the foregoing Tables. The several Sorts of Pollysyllables also, being ranged in proper Tables, have their Syllables divided, and Directions placed at the Head of each Table for the Accent, to prevent false Pronunciation; together with the like Number of Lessons on the foregoing Tables, placed at the End of each Table, as far as to Words of four Syllables, for the easier and more speedy Way of teaching Children to read. II. A large and useful Table of Words, that are the same in Sound, but different in Signification; very necessary to prevent the writing one Word for another of the same Sound. III. A short, but comprehensive Grammar of the English Tongue, delivered in the most familiar and instructive Method of Question and Answer; necessary for all such Persons as have the Advantage only of an English Education. IV. An useful Collection of Sentences in Prose and Verse, Divine, Moral, and Historical; together with a select Number of Fables, adorned with proper Sculptures, for the better Improvement of the Young Beginners. And, V. Forms of prayer for children, on several Occasions. The Whole, being recommended by several Clergymen and eminent Schoolmasters, as the most useful Performance for the Instruction of Youth, designed for the use of schools in Great Britain, Ireland, and in the several English Colonies and Plantations abroad. The forty-eighth edition. By Thomas Dilworth, Author of the Schoolmaster's Assistant, Young Book-Keeper's Assistant, &c. &c.

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    A new introduction to learningor, a sure guide to the English pronunciation and orthography : in plain prose for the ease, and familiar verse for the pleasure, as well as profit, of the learner. Containing much more on those Subjects than any other Book, in a Method never before attempted; and by which All who can Read may learn, without a Teacher, to Speak and Write English as Correctly as they that have had a Liberal Education. Contriv'd so as to amuse and exercise the Ingenious, improve and delight the Less-Knowing, clearly instruct the Ignorant, and allure Youth to a Love of Learning; tho' chiefly design'd for such Grown Persons as have had but a slender Education, and are desirous of further Improvement. To make it of General Use are added, I. An alphabetical Collection and clear Distinction of above a Thousand Words nearly alike in Sound, but different in Sense and Spelling. II. A large Table of Words, with their Meaning, made different in Signification by adding E Final III. An Explanation of Abbreviations, Notes of Reference, and other Marks which often occur in Books and Writing. By Samuel Hammond, Schoolmaster in Nottingham; Author of the Complete and Comprehensive Spelling-Dictionary.

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    The new London spelling book.Or the young gentleman's and lady's guide to the English tongue. In five parts. I. For Beginners, shewing a natural and easy Method to pronounce and express both common Words and proper Names, gradually ascending from One to Six Syllables, properly distinguished by Tables. Together with easy Lessons, placed at the End of each Table, for the more speedy way of teaching Children to read. Also is added, a few Lessons on various Subjects in Verse; with Rules and Maxims of moral Conduct, &c. and may be spoke extempore on breaking-up. II. A Table of Words, that are the same or nearly alike in Sound but different in Signification and in Spelling; in which the Scholar should be made perfect, to spell without Book, to prevent the writing one Word for another. III. Directions for an agreeable Behaviour and polite Address; with a Table of Words, properly accented for Exercise in Spelling. IV. Lessons on various Subjects, in Prose and Verse. V. A plain and compendious Grammar, with Rules for spelling and dividing Words into Syllables; the Use of Stops, Marks, and Capitals; Rules for reading with Elegance and Propriety; Tables of Abbreviations, the Multiplication and Pence Tables; to which is added, the Church Catechism. In the whole of which great Care has been taken to collect what might teach Youth their Duty and Behaviour towards God and Man, and is recommended by several eminent Schoolmasters as the most useful Performance for the Instruction of Youth extant, as it will enable the Teacher to instruct his Scholars to read with Propriety, without the Assistance of any other Book. The tenth edition, corrected and improved. By Charles Vyse, Author of the Tutor's Guide; the Key to the Tutor's Guide; a New Geographical Grammar, for the Use of Schools; the Ladies Accomptant, &c.

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    The new Royal English dictionaryor, complete library of grammatical knowledge. Containing a full and copious explanation of all the words in the English language. Together with their various Significations, viz. 1. The Words, their Definition, and the various Senses in which they are used, supported by Authorities. 2. Initial Letters, to denote the Part of Speech to which every Word belongs. 3. The true Pronunciation ascertained and pointed out, by being properly accented. 4. A Geographical Description of the Empires, Kingdoms, Cities, &c. in the four Quarters of the World. 5. A full, accurate, and particular Description of the Counties, Cities, and principal Towns in England and Wales. 6. The Lives of the most eminent Personages which England has produced, can no where be introduced with more propriety than in an English Dictionary; we have, therefore, enriched our Performance with the entertaining and instructive Memoirs of the most illustrious Characters in the British Annals, whether Poets, Statesmen, Admirals, Generals or Divines. 7. Chronology, or a Register of every remarkable Event. 8. Pagan Mythology, or the fabulous History of the Heathen Deitiet. To which is prefixed, a copious grammar of the English language. The Whole containing every Thing that is valuable in all the English Dictionaries, And other Grammatical Productions extant. Carefully collected and digested, so that the Possessors of this Work may obtain any Information they require, without having Recourse to any other Dictionary. By the Rev. Charles Marriott, A. M. Rector of Drayton Cum-Longdale; and Others.

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    A New spelling dictionary of the English language,In which the words are accented so as to render the pronunciation perfectly easy, the syllables in each distinctly pointed out, and the parts of speech properly distinguished. To which is prefixed a concise historical account of the language, and a short, but comprehensive English grammar. The whole intended for the instruction of youth of both sexes.

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    Object lessons.Things taught: systematic instruction in composition and object lessons.

  17. 67

    The orthoëpist:a pronouncing manual containing about four thousand five hundred words, including a considerable number of the names of foreign authors, artists, etc., that are often mispronounced,

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    The orthoëpist:a pronouncing manual, containing about three thousand five hundred words, including a considerable number of the names of foreign authors, artists, etc., that are often mispronounced.

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    Orthophony: or, Vocal culture in elocution :a manual of elementary exercises, adapted to Dr. Rush's "Philosophy of the human voice," and designed as an introduction to Russell's "American elocutionist."

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    Orthophony; or The cultivation of the voice in elocution:a manual of elementary exercises ...

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    The pentaglot preceptoror elementary institutes of the English, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Irish, languages. Vol.I. Containing a complete grammar of the English tongue For the Use of Schools, and peculiarly calculated for the Instruction of such Ladies & Gentlemen, as may wish to learn without the help of a Master. By Patrick Lynch.

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    The philosophy of the human voice :embracing its physiological history; together with a system of principles, by which criticism in the art of elocution may be rendered inteligible [i.e. intelligible], and instruction, definite and comprehensive to which is added a brief analysis of song and recitative

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    The phonetics of Arabic;a phonetic inquiry and practical manual for the pronunciation of classical Arabic and of one colloquial (the Egyptian)

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    Phonics in reading ;a manual

  25. 75

    A practical grammar of the English tongue: or, a rational and easy introduction to speaking and writing English correctly and properly; Peculiarly adapted to the Nature and Genius of the Language, And free from the hard and unnecessary Terms of the Latin Rudiments. The whole Treated of in expressive Terms and familiar ..., and in the most natural and instructive Method, viz. That of Question and Answer. Design'd for the use of schools: And tho' calculated ... the Use of the Fair Sex, and such as require only an English Education, may yet be a useful Foundation to those who are design'd for higher Studies By William Loughton, School-Master at Kensington.

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    A practical rhetoric :for instruction in English composition and revision in colleges and intermediate schools

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    Progressive course in English :Teachers' manual

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    The progressive speller :for common schools and academies : a complete key to pronunciation, easy words for primary classes, lessons for spelling and defining, dictation exercises : also exercises in the formation and the analysis of derivative words, thus furnishing a thorough course of instruction in the orthography and orthoepy of the most common words in the English language

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    Public speaking and debatea manual for advocates and agitators

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    The reader's guide,containing a notice of the elementary sounds in the English language; instructions for reading both prose and verse, with numerous examples for illustration, and lessons for practice.

  31. 81

    The reader, or reciter;by the assistance of which any person may teach himself to read or recite English prose with the utmost elegance and effect. To which are added, instructions for reading plays. On a plan never before attempted.

  32. 82

    The rhetorical reader :consisting of instructions for regulating the voice, with a rhetorical notation, illustrating inflection, emphasis and modulation, and a course of rhetorical exercises ...

  33. 83

    Rhymes and meters,a practical manual for versifiers

  34. 84

    The rhythmical reader :being a selection of pieces in prose and verse, presented under a system of notation which exhibits the measure of speech, the quantities of syllables, and the just admeasurement of pauses, designed for the use of schools as well as for the instruction of private individuals who wish to improve themselves in the art of reading and speaking

  35. 85

    The road to knowledge; or, young man & women's best friendbeing a plan of general instruction, as far as relates to the useful pursuits and purposes of life. Consisting of a Concise, yet Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language; A Series of Letters On Subjects yielding both Information and Amusement; and the Four First Rules of Arithmetic, Exhibited in Examples so plain and intelligible, as to be acquired with the utmost Ease. Calculated for both Sexes. To Which are Added, As more immediately adapted to the Attention of Young Men, The Nature and Operations of Bills of Exchange Bills of Sale Bonds Obligations Notes Letters of Attorney Letters of Credit Writs Warrants Arrests Subpoenas Summonses General Releases Deeds of Gift Conveyances and Various Other Instruments of Writing; With the precise Forms in which many of them are drawn up. To the Whole are Subjointd, Geographical Sketches; Comprehending the Rise and Progress of Geography; with an Explanation of Geographical Terms, And a Description of the several Kingdoms and States of Europe. By George Stapleton, Late English Preceptor at Paris and at Brussels.

  36. 86

    Rules for English composition, and particularly for themes:designed for the use of schools, and in aid of self instruction.

  37. 87

    Sanders' young ladies' reader :embracing a comprehensive course of instruction in the principles of rhetorical reading : with a choice collection of exercises in reading, both in prose and poetry : for the use of the higher female seminaries, as also, the higher classes in female schools generally

  38. 88

    School elocution;a manual of vocal training in high schools, normal schools, and academies,

  39. 89

    School English :a manual for use in connection with the written English work of secondary schools

  40. 90

    The school reader.containing instructions in the elementary principles of reading, and selected lessons from the most elegant writers. For the use of academies and the higher classes in common and select schools

  41. 91

    The science of speech;an elementary manual of English phonetics for teachers,

  42. 92

    Select readings for public and private entertainment ...accompanied by explanatory notes, together with appropriate elocutionary instructions ...

  43. 93

    Select readings for public and private entertainment :containing choice selections of the most pathetic, gay, humorous, heroic, sublime, and patriotic speeches and poems, accompanied by explanatory notes, together with appropriate elocutionary instructions ...

  44. 94

    Self-culture in reading, speaking, and conversation :designed for the use of schools, colleges, and home instruction

  45. 95

    A short and easy method to pronounce the French language, now so much in esteem and vogue among the most polite and learned sort of people.To which is annexed, a French exercise, with its index; containing the most necessary words of it: as also two English exercises, the first of which treats on the several parts of speech, according to their order in the syntax; and the other, without such order, is appropriated as much as possible to the idiom of the French language: there is also spelling part, with the words pronunciation in the opposite part of th same page; and several other useful instructions on the French language. The whole according to the late French grammar published by the Royal Academy at Paris. By John Gence.

  46. 96

    A short and plain syntax,for the instruction of children in the Latin tongue, by few and easy rules in their own language. (it being impossible for them to learn it by any other.) With Notes proper for the Higher Classes, An Alphabetical List of near six Hundred Adjectives of various Structure: And An Appendix, containing some Observations, which are not to be found in any former Syntax or Grammar. For the use of Tamworth School. The second edition. With the addition of a figurative syntax, 100 Adjectives, 200 various Structures, and several new chapters. By Samuel Shaw, M. D. And School-Master of Tamworth, in the Counties of Stafford and Warwick.

  47. 97

    A short but clear system of English grammar,with exercises of bad English, designed for the use of schools, and for those gentlemen and ladies who may want the assistance of a master. By H. Ward; School-Master in Whitehaven. With an appendix, containing I. An Exmaple of Grammatical Resolution. II. General Instructions for Reading and Speaking our Mother-Tongue, with Elegance, Propriety, and a good Grace. III. A Pronouncing Dictionary. IV. A Table of Abbreviations. V. An Alphabetical Introduction to the proper Choice of Words; wherein the Difference between those esteemed synonymous is pointed out.

  48. 98

    Short themes;a freshman manual for the first semester,

  49. 99

    Simplified elocution :a comprehensive system of vocal and physical gymnastics. Containing explicit instructions for the cultivation of the speaking voice ... To which is added a complete speaker, consisting of selections in poetry and prose suitable for recitations.

  50. 100

    Smith's new grammar.English grammar on the productive system: a method of instruction recently adopted in Germany and Switzerland. Designed for schools and academies.