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    Advanced course of composition and rhetoric:a series of practial lessons on the origin, history, and pecularities of the English language. Adapted to self-instruction, and the use of schools and colleges.

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    Ahn-Oehlschlaeger's pronouncing method of the German language :designed for instruction in schools and for private study.

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    Aldine first language book :a manual for teachers

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    Aldine language method, part three :a manual for teachers using the third language book

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    Analytics of literature,a manual for the objective study of English prose and poetry,

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    The Anglo-Norman dialect :a manual of its phonology and morphology : with illustrative specimens of the literature

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    Anglo-Saxon and Norman periods :f. his "Manual of English literature."

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    The art of elocution as an essential part of rhetoric :with instructions in gesture and an appendix of oratorical, poetical, and dramatic extracts

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    The art of English poetry:vol. the IIId and IVth, which, with the two former volumes, make a compleat common-place-book of English poetry, containing the most natural, instructive, diverting and sublime thoughts ... that are in the works of our most celebrated poets, ancient and modern, alphabetically digested and brought down to the present time ...

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    The art of reading and writing Englishor, the chief principles and rules of pronouncing our mother-tongue, both in Prose and Verse; with a Variety of Instructions for True Spelling. Written at first for Private Use, and now Published for the Benefit of all Persons who desire a better Acquaintance with their Native Language. By I. Watts, D.D.

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    The art of right spelling and pronouncing all the words of the English tongue.Very useful for all persons that are desirous to learn to write properly, and to know how to Spell those Words which are not Writ in the same Manner as they are Pronounced. By which also Foreigners may be Instructed how to Pronounce the most Difficult and Troublesome Words of the English Tongue. To which is added, an exact account of all the stops, marks, and references that commonly occur in authors.

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    The art of writing English :a manual for students, with chapters on paraphrasing, essay-writing, précis-writing, punctuation, and other matters

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    Beauties of eminent writersselected and arranged for the instruction of youth in the proper reading and reciting of the English language: calculated also to instil into the mind the principles of wisdom and, virtue, and to give it an early taste for the acquisition of useful knowledge, to which is now added, a concise system of English grammar, with exercises in orthography. In two volumes. Sold separately or together. For the use of schools and private classes. Second edition. By William Scott, teacher of the English language and geography in Edinburgh.

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    Biographia literaria; or, Biographical sketches of my literary life and opinions,and two lay sermons, I. The statesman's manual, II. Blessed are ye that sow beside all waters.

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    The Canadian elocutionist :designed for the use of colleges, schools and for self instruction, together with a copious selection, in prose and poetry, of pieces adapted for reading, recitation and practice

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    Common essentials in spelling;a word list and teacher's manual for elementary schools,

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    The Compleat linguist. Or, An universal grammar of all the considerable tongues in being.In a shorter, clearer, and more instructive method than is extant. Collected from the most approv'd hands. ... By John Henley, M.A.

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    The Compleat linguist. Or, An universal grammar of all the considerable tongues in being.In a shorter, clearer, and more instructive method than is extant. Collected from the most approv'd hands. ... By John Henley, M.A.

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    The Compleat linguist. Or, An universal grammar of all the considerable tongues in being.In a shorter, clearer, and more instructive method than is extant. Collected from the most approv'd hands. ... By John Henley, M.A.

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    Composition through life and literature :a manual for practical composition in secondary school

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    The critical spelling-bookan introduction to reading and writing readily and correctly. In a manner more commodious than any, and more comprehensive than all the spelling-books that ever were publisht. Designd-For a standard of the language: and contrivd by a proper gradation of instructions, disposd in a picturesque manner, for the easy and expeditious attaining-to a rational knowledge of it.

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    The elements of English composition :containing practical instructions for writing the English language with perspicuity and elegance : designed, in the progress of education, to succeed to the study of English grammar, and of the Latin and Greek classics

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    The elements of English verse correlated to music :a manual for teachers

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    Elements of rhetoric :designed as a manual of instruction

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    An english alphabet, for the use of foreignerswherein the pronunciation of the vowels, or voice-letters, is explained in twelve short general rules, with their several exceptions, as abridged (for the instruction of Omai) from a larger work.

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    English composition and rhetoric :a manual

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    English composition;a manual of theory and practice.

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    English grammmar:a simple, concise, and comprehensive manual of the English language.

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    An epitome of grammaror, a short introduction to the Latin tongue. In which the Rules of Grammar are render'd so plain and easy, and at the same time reduc'd to so few in Number, that a Person of a tolerable Capacity may, even without any further Instruction, soon arrive at a greater Knowledge in that Art, than he can possibly for many Years, with great Toil attain to, by tossing over the Rules of common Grammars. Whereto is prefixed, by way of Introduction, A short Essay on the true Method of teaching the Latin Tongue, taken from a judicious Treatise, Written on that Subject by Mr. R. Ascham, Formerly praeceptor to the late Queen Elizabeth. By Reay Sabourn.

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    An essay on elocution,or pronunciation. Intended chiefly for the assistance of those who instruct others in the art of reading. And of those who are often called to speak in publick. By John Mason, A.M.

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    Essentials of exposition and argument;a manual for high schools, academies, and debating clubs,

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    Exercises in orthography :or, easy, instructive and entertaining lessons, selected from the best writers, designed to assist young persons to spell with accuracy and effect

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    Exercises in vocal culture :for the use of classes under the instruction of E.C. Mitchell.

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    Exercises on etymology :for use in schools, and for private instruction

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    The expeditious instructoror, reading, writing and arithmetick made plain and easy. (containing much more in Quantity, and a far greater Variety of Instructions, than any Book of the Kind or Price; and expressed in so easy and familiar a Manner, that Persons of the lowest Capacity may learn, without a Master.) Among many other useful Particulars, are contain'd I. A succinct English Grammar. II. Of Words that are nearly alike in Sound, but are different in Sense and Spelling. III. The Names of the Gods and Goddesses of the Heathens; and of the Muses, Graces, &c. IV. A very particular Account of Stops and Marks: With Directions for their Use, in a Manner entirely New. V. Directions for placing the Accent and Emphasis. VI. Directions for chusing and hardening Quills; for making and mending Pens; and for making and preserving Inks. Vii. Directions for making an Ink for marking Linnen, which will never wash out. Viii. Directions for Writing; by which a Person, though entirely ignorant of that Art, may write a good Hand in twenty-four Hours, without the Assistance of a Master. IX. Directions for those who would write elegantly. X. Directions for Figure-Hand, &c. and a new and easy Short-Hand. XI. A very particular Explanation of Abbreviations in Writing. XII. How to superscribe and begin Letters to Persons to Distinction. XIII. How to make several Sorts of Sealing-Wax and Wafers; and how to take the Impression of any Leaf, for Needle-Work, or Colouring. XIV. Forms of Receipts and Notes, for transacting of Business. XV. Of Arithmetick; and an easy Method of learning it. XVI. Directions to Painters, Stone-Cutters, &c. for painting or cutting Words and Sentences; and how they should spell, and place them with Propriety. XVII. A Collection of Epitaphs, for the Use of Stone-Cutters, &c. Illustrated with a variety of alphabets and copies, in various hands, on copper plates; with Ornaments for the Tops and Bottoms of Pages. Engrav'd from the Writings and Designs of the most Eminent School Masters. The whole is calculated for the use of painters, engravers, stone-cutters, and all Others that would learn expeditiously to Read, Write or cast Accompts.

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    The faults of speech :a self-corrector and teachers' manual

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    Freshman English;a manual,

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    Grammar :part of a course on language, prepared for instruction in the U.S. Corps of Cadets

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    A grammar of elocution :containing the principles of the arts of reading and speaking : illustrated by appropriate exercises and examples : adapted to colleges, schools, and private instruction, the whole arranged in the order in which it is taught in Harvard University

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    A grammar of rhetoric and polite literature :comprehending the principles of language and style, and the elements of taste and criticism. For the use of schools, or private instruction

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    The grammatical wreathor, a complete system of English grammar : Being A Selection Of The Most Instructive Rules From All The Principal English Grammars: In Two Parts: Part I. Containing such Rules as are necessary for the Instruction of Youth, with pertinent Examples for their Elucidation. Part II. Such further Rules and Observations as are needful for the Attainment of the English Language in its utmost Purity and Elegance. A Work Not only calculated for the Improvement of the Inhabitants of Great Britain in their native Tongue, but from which the English Language may be acquired by Foreigners, with the greatest Facility. By Alexr. Bicknell, Esq.

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    Greening's popular reciter and the art of elocution and public speaking :being simple explanations of the various branches of elocution : together with lessons for self-instruction

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    How should I pronounce? or, The principles of the art of correct pronunciation :a manual for schools, colleges, and private use

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    How to talk:a pocket manual of conversation and debating; with directions for acquiring a grammatical, easy, and graceful style ... with more than five hundred errors in speaking corrected.

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    How to write :a pocket manual of composition and letter-writing ... : to which are added forms for letters of introduction, notes, cards, etc., and a collection of poetical quotations.

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    The international reciter :a complete program and manual of modern elocution containing the best productions by the best authors, with an exhaustive treatise on the subject of vocal and physical culture and gesturing. . . including recitals in prose and verse.

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    The irish spelling-bookor, instruction for the reading of English, fitted for the youth of Ireland. In which are set forth many useful Observations in Spelling, Alterations, and Amendments in the Sounds of Letters, both Single and Double; Exact Formations of both Sorts by the several Organs of Voice;-A Discourse on Prosody: A large Chapter about various Quantities of Vowels, Change, and Loss of Letters and Syllables in Pronunciation;-Rules for the right Reading of Prose and Verse;-A new Method of Parsing, according to Orthography and Prosody;-A Method of Teaching, useful both to Scholars and their Teachers; -And many other necessary Things, interspersed in each Part of the Book.

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    Lessons on elocution;accompanied by instructions and criticisms on the reading of the church service.

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    Literature and music;a manual for teachers and students in school and home,

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    The little grammmarian; or,An easy guide to the parts of speech, and familiar illustrations of the leading rules of syntax: in a series of instructive and amusing tales.