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  1. 151

    The art of rhetoric made easy:

  2. 152

    The art of rhetoric made easy: or, The elements of oratory briefly stated, and fitted for the practice of the studious youth of Great Britain and Ireland: in two books. The first comprehending the principles of that excellent art, conformable to, and supported by the authority of the most accurate orators and rhetoricians, both ancient and modern ... The second containing the substance of Longinus's celebrated treatise On the sublime. In both which all technical terms are fully explained.

  3. 153

    The art of speaking

  4. 154

    The art of speaking

  5. 155

    The art of speaking in publik: or, An essay on the action of an orator; as to his pronunciation and gesture. Useful in the senate or theatre, the court, the camp, as well as the bar and pulpit.

  6. 156

    The art of writing English : a manual for students, with chapters on paraphrasing, essay-writing, précis-writing, punctuation, and other matters

  7. 157

    The arte or crafte of rhethoryke;

  8. 158

    The arts of writing, reading, and speaking

  9. 159

    An attempt to simplify English grammar : with observations on the method of teaching it

  10. 160

    An attempt to simplify English grammar : with observations on the method of teaching it

  11. 161

    Aureate terms; a study in the literary diction of the fifteenth century,

  12. 162

    Bad English exposed: a series of criticisms on the errors and inconsistencies of Lindley Murray and other grammarians,

  13. 163

    The basic law of vocal utterance,

  14. 164

    Beadle's dime patriotic speaker : being extracts from the splendid oratory of Judge Holt ... together with poems for the hour.

  15. 165

    Beecher's recitations and readings : humorous, serious, dramatic, including prose and poetical selections in Dutch, French, Yankee, Irish, Backwoods, Negro, and other dialects

  16. 166

    Bell's standard elocutionist : principles and exercises, (chiefly from "Elocutionary manual") : followed by a copius selection of extracts in prose and poetry, classified and adapted for reading and recitation

  17. 167

    Berry's spelling book,

  18. 168

    Better English for speaking and writing : a series of three books

  19. 169

    Blessing Esau; experiments in high school English-teaching,

  20. 170

    A book of exposition,

  21. 171

    The book of oratory: compiled for the use of colleges, academies, and the higher classes of select and parish schools,

  22. 172

    The Breeches Bible : considered as the basis for remarks, critical and philological, on the English language

  23. 173

    The bride; a play, in five acts.

  24. 174

    A brief English grammar on a logical method

  25. 175

    A brief English grammar,

  26. 176

    A brief English grammar,

  27. 177

    A brief grammar of the English language, explained in twenty lessons.

  28. 178

    A brief outline of elocution, combined with a few choice dramatic and other selections, taken from the best authors.

  29. 179

    A briefer practical rhetoric,

  30. 180

    A briefer practical rhetoric,

  31. 181

    Brown's first lessons in language and grammar

  32. 182

    Brown's grammar improved. The institutes of English grammar, methodically arranged; with forms of parsing and correcting, examples for parsing, questions for examination, false syntax for correction, exercises for writing, observations for the advanced student, five methods of analysis, and a key to the oral exercises: to which are added four appendixes. Designed for the use of schools, academies, and private learners.

  33. 183

    Brown's Small grammar improved : the first lines of English grammar; being a brief abstract of the author's larger work, the "Institutes of English grammar." Designed for young learners

  34. 184

    Brown's Small grammar improved. The first lines of English grammar; being a brief abstract of the author's larger work, the "Institutes of English grammar." Designed for young learners.

  35. 185

    The business man's English

  36. 186

    The business man's English, spoken and written,

  37. 187

    The California text-book : containing a grammar of the Spanish language in English ; of the English in Spanish conversational dialogues in both languages, and a full description of California

  38. 188

    The Canadian elocutionist : designed for the use of colleges, schools and for self instruction, together with a copious selection, in prose and poetry, of pieces adapted for reading, recitation and practice

  39. 189

    The century handbook of writing

  40. 190

    The Century handbook of writing,

  41. 191

    Changes in the English language, between the publication of Wiclif's Bible and that of the authorised version. A.D. 1400 to A.D. 1600.

  42. 192

    Charles Butler's English grammar (1634)

  43. 193

    The child and his spelling; an investigation of the psychology of spelling, individual and sex differences in spelling abilities and needs, the character and range of the spelling vocabulary, and the practical problems of teaching spelling,

  44. 194

    The child life fifth reader

  45. 195

    The child vision : being a study in mental development & expression

  46. 196

    The child's friend : being an entirely new, and systematic arrangement of all the sounds, combinations of characters, and exceptions in the English language ...

  47. 197

    The child's grammar : corresponding with parsing lessons and forming part of a series for teaching

  48. 198

    The child-voice in singing, treated from a physiological and a practical standpoint, and especially adapted to schools and boy choirs,

  49. 199

    Chinese phonology : an attempt to discover the sounds of the ancient language and to recover the lost rhymes of China

  50. 200

    Choice readings for public and private entertainments, and for the use of schools, colleges and public readers, with elocutionary advice