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  1. 1

    Advanced elocution;

  2. 2

    Advanced elocution; designed as a practical treatise for teachers and students in vocal training, articulation, physical culture and gesture,

  3. 3

    Advanced elocution; designed as a practical treatise for teachers and students in vocal training, articulation, physical culture and gesture,

  4. 4

    The alphabet of nature;

  5. 5

    The alphabet of orthoëpy and its application to monosyllables.

  6. 6

    The American reporter, and the Ploughshare together with the complete phonographer

  7. 7

    The American system of English grammar : to which will soon be appended a key and exercise, developing the constructive principles of the English language ...

  8. 8

    Analysis of the elementary sounds of the English language : designed to accompany a chart of the same, with Worcester's notation

  9. 9

    Analytic elocution; an analysis of the powers of the voice, for the purpose of expression in speaking.

  10. 10

    Analytical sixth reader : containing an introductory article on the general principles of elocution, with a thorough method of analysis, intended to develop the pupil's appreciation of the thought and emotion, and a critical phonic analysis of English words : designed for the use of normal and high schools, and the highest classes in common schools

  11. 11

    Analytical vocabulary, or, Analytical system of teaching orthography : in which the spelling, meaning, and construction of 80,000 words are taught from 8,000 roots

  12. 12

    The art of pronuntiation, digested into two parts: vox audienda & vox videnda ....

  13. 13

    The art of scansion :

  14. 14

    The basis of English rhythm

  15. 15

    The basis of English rhythm.

  16. 16

    The bride; a play, in five acts.

  17. 17

    The child's friend : being an entirely new, and systematic arrangement of all the sounds, combinations of characters, and exceptions in the English language ...

  18. 18

    The child's grammar : corresponding with parsing lessons and forming part of a series for teaching

  19. 19

    Chinese phonology : an attempt to discover the sounds of the ancient language and to recover the lost rhymes of China

  20. 20

    The class-book of etymology, designed to promote precision in the use, and facilitate the acquisition of a knowledge of the English language.

  21. 21

    A colloquial Sinhalese reader in phonetic transcription

  22. 22

    Common essentials in spelling; a word list and teacher's manual for elementary schools,

  23. 23

    A complete manual. Pollard's synthetic method of reading and spelling.

  24. 24

    Comstock's elocution, enlarged : a system of vocal gymnastics designed for the promotion of health, cure of stammering, and defective articulation ...

  25. 25

    Comstock's phonetic magazine.

  26. 26

    Comstock's phonetic magazine.

  27. 27

    Course of study in phonics ...

  28. 28

    A criticism of systems of Hebrew metre; an elementary treatise,

  29. 29

    A defence of phonetic spelling : drawn from a history of the English alphabet and orthography, with a remedy for their defects

  30. 30

    Dictation exercises to accompany Atwood's language tablets ...

  31. 31

    The dictionary of distinctions, in three alphabets, containing, I. Words the same in sound, but of different spelling and signification; with which are classed such as have any similarity in sound. II. Words that vary in pronounciation and meaning as accentuated or connected. III. The changes, in sound and sense, produced by the addition of the letter e ... Occasionally interspersed with critical remarks, chiefly philological. With appendix ...

  32. 32

    The dictionary of English inflected words, with the syllabication of all the words according to a system founded on well-defined principles; and the system of syllabication as applied to poetry and the scansion of verse. Forming Part II of The handy English word book.

  33. 33

    Dr. R. Grey's Memoria technica; or, Method of artificial memory, applied to and exemplified in chronology, history, geography, astronomy. Also, Jewish, Grecian, and Roman coins, weights, measures, &c. To which are subjoined, Lowe's Mnemonics deliniated, in various branches of literature and science.

  34. 34

    Easy instructions for the general education of children and youth : for usefulness, honor and happiness, in the home school or common school : including all that is requisite for primary books in reading, spelling, English grammar, good manners ... in which is found an American plan for reforming thoroughly the writing & printing of our language, for common use ...

  35. 35

    Elements of phonetics, English, French & German,

  36. 36

    Elements of phreno-mnemotechny, or, Art of acquiring memory

  37. 37

    Elements of the English language : or, Analytical orthography; designed to teach the philosophy of orthography and orthoepy, adapted to schools

  38. 38

    Elements of the English language, or, Analytical orthography : designed to teach the philosophy of orthography and orthoepy : adapted to schools

  39. 39

    Elements of the English language; or, Analytical orthography: designed to teach the philosophy of orthography and orthoepy. Adapted to schools.

  40. 40

    Elocutionary manual : the principles of elocution ; with exercises and notations

  41. 41

    "Elocutionary manual."

  42. 42

    Emendanda est orthographia. A treatise on spelling reform.

  43. 43

    England's perfect school-master. Or, Directions for exact spelling, reading, and writing. Shewing how to spell or read any chapter in the Bible by four and twenty words only. With examples of most words, from one to six syllables ...

  44. 44

    English dialogues, with phonetic transcriptions,

  45. 45

    English exercises, orthographical and grammatical : in two parts, being a selection of choice pieces in prose and verse ...

  46. 46

    English humour in phonetic transcript

  47. 47

    English spelling and spelling reform,

  48. 48

    An English syntithology, developing the constructive principles of the English language, by appropriate polymorph terms used in this science only ...

  49. 49

    English visible speech and its typography elucidated

  50. 50

    English visible speech in twelve lessons ...