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    Accentual Rhythm in LatinHarvard studies in classical philology

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    An accurate new spelling dictionary, and expositor of the English language.Containing a much larger collection of modern words than any book of the kind and price extant: and shewing how the same are to be written correctly, and pronounced properly; with the different meanings or significations of each word. To which is added, an entire new dictionary of all the Heathen Gods and Goddesses: and also of the illustrious heroes treated of by Homer, Virgil, Ovid, and other antient poets: with a summary account of their origin, descent, expolits, &c. To the whole is prefixed, a compendious, practical grammar of the English language. By A. Fisher, author of the practical new English grammar, with exercises of bad English: the new English tutor, calculated for the new method of teaching, &c.

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    Advanced course of composition and rhetoric:

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    Advanced elocution;

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    Affixes in their origin and application,exhibiting the etymologic structure of English words.

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    Aids to English composition,

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    Allitteratio latina, or, Alliteration in Latin verse reduced to rulewith special reference to Catullus, Horace, Juvenal, Lucan, Lucretius, Martial, Ovid, Persius, Phaedrus, Priapeia, Propertius, Statius, Tibullus, and Virgil

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    The alphabet of nature;

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    The alphabet of orthoëpy and its application to monosyllables.

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    The American elocutionist :comprising "Lessons in enunciation', "Exercises in elocution", and "Rudiments of gesture", with a selection of new pieces for practice in reading and declamation... : designed for colleges, professional institutions, academies and common schools

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    The American reporter, and the Ploughshare together with the complete phonographer

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    The American system of English grammar :to which will soon be appended a key and exercise, developing the constructive principles of the English language ...

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    Analysis of the elementary sounds of the English language : designed to accompany a chart of the same, with Worcester's notation

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    Analysis of the principles of rhetorical delivery as applied in reading and speaking ...

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    Analysis of vocal inflections, as used in reading & speaking :designed to render the principles of Walker's elements more intelligible

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    Analytic elocution;an analysis of the powers of the voice, for the purpose of expression in speaking.

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    Analytical sixth reader :containing an introductory article on the general principles of elocution, with a thorough method of analysis, intended to develop the pupil's appreciation of the thought and emotion, and a critical phonic analysis of English words : designed for the use of normal and high schools, and the highest classes in common schools

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    Analytical vocabulary, or, Analytical system of teaching orthography :in which the spelling, meaning, and construction of 80,000 words are taught from 8,000 roots

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    An analytical, illustrative, and constructive grammar of the English language.

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    Appendix II: Anglo-Saxon VersificationAn Anglo-Saxon reader,

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    Appendix; On English MetersA manual of English literature, historical and critical. With an appendix on English metres.

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    The Aristoxenian theory of musical rhythm,

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    The art of elocution :from the simple articulation of the elemental sounds of language, up to the highest tone of expression in speech attainable by the human voice.

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    The art of elocution as an essential part of rhetoric :with instructions in gesture and an appendix of oratorical, poetical, and dramatic extracts

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    The Art of Measuring VersesThe American Whig review.

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    The art of pronuntiation,digested into two parts: vox audienda & vox videnda ....

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    The art of reading, or, Rules for the attainment of a just and correct enunciation of written language :mostly selected from Walker's Elements of elocution, and adapted to the use of schools.

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    The art of scansion :

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    The arte of English poesie.

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    The basis of English rhythm

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    The bride;a play, in five acts.

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    Brown's grammar improved.The institutes of English grammar, methodically arranged; with forms of parsing and correcting, examples for parsing, questions for examination, false syntax for correction, exercises for writing, observations for the advanced student, five methods of analysis, and a key to the oral exercises: to which are added four appendixes. Designed for the use of schools, academies, and private learners.

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    Brown's Small grammar improved :the first lines of English grammar; being a brief abstract of the author's larger work, the "Institutes of English grammar." Designed for young learners

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    Chapters on Greek metric,

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    The Chaucer canon,with a discussion of the works associated with the name of Geoffrey Chaucer,

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    The child's friend :being an entirely new, and systematic arrangement of all the sounds, combinations of characters, and exceptions in the English language ...

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    The child's grammar :corresponding with parsing lessons and forming part of a series for teaching

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    Chinese phonology :an attempt to discover the sounds of the ancient language and to recover the lost rhymes of China

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    Choir training based on voice production,

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    The class-book of etymology :designed to promote precision in the use, and facilitate the acquisition of a knowledge of the English language

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    Cobb's abridgment of J. Walker's critical pronouncing dictionary, and expositor of the English language, carefully compiled from the London quarto editions, published under the inspection of the author; in which Mr. Walker's principles of orthography and pronunciation are strictly followed ... to which are prefixed concise principles of pronunciation, and rules for accentuation and the division of words: with an appendix, containing a class of words which are in common use in this country, and not found in Walker's dictionary.Particularly designed for the use of schools.

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    The collocation of the adverb of degree in Roman comedy and Cato ...

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    A colloquial Sinhalese reader in phonetic transcription

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    The Columbian dictionary of the English languagein which many new words, peculiar to the United States, and many words of general use, not found in any other English dictionary, are inserted. ... To which is prefixed, a prosodial grammar, containing, a short dissertation on vowels and consonants. To the whole is added Heathen mythology: or A classical pronouncing dictionary. By Caleb Alexander, A.M. Author of "Virgil's works translated into literal English prose," &c. &c. and teacher of the English language. Published according to act of Congress.

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    The comic English grammar;a new and facetious introduction to the English tongue

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    Commodian and Medieval Rhythmic VerseLanguage.

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    Common essentials in spelling;a word list and teacher's manual for elementary schools,

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    A common school grammar of the English language.

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    The common school manual :a regular and connected course of elementary studies : embracing the necessary and useful branches of a common education : in four parts ...

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    A complete dictionary of music.Consisting of a copious explanation of all words necessary to a true knowledge and understanding of music. Translated from the original French of J. J. Rousseau. By William Waring.