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    Weld's progressive English grammar :illustrated with copious exercises in analysis, parsing, and composition : adapted to schools and academies of every grade

  2. 402

    Words in singing :a practical guide to the study of phonetics, and its application to song.

  3. 403

    The works of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, and of Sir Thomas Wyatt, the Elder

  4. 404

    Wright's orthography :a hand-book of analytical orthography designed to teach the philosophy of orthography and orthoepy

  5. 405

    The Yersin phono-rhythmic method of French pronunciation, accent, and diction.

  6. 406

    York's English grammar,

  7. 407

    Youth's preceptor,containing a grammar of the English tongue; A Treatise on the Art of Poetry. Rhetoric, or the Art of Persuasion. Logic, or the Art of Reasoning. Tables for various useful Calculations. Illustrated with several plates, containing Thirteen Alphabets used in Writing and Printing. The whole forming a complete system of an English education. A new edition compiled for the use of schools. By Sir Richard Steele.