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    The age of Shakespeare (1579-1631)

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    Anti mias;an essay in isometry.

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    The art of English poetry

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    Ballad PoetryJohnson's new universal cyclopædia

  5. 5

    Biographia literaria,

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    A compendious history of English literature, and of the English language, from the Norman conquest.

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    The complete art of poetry ...

  8. 8

    The complete works of Geoffrey Chaucer

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    Critical and miscellaneous essays collected and republished,

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    Critical and miscellaneous essayscollected and republished.

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    A critical dissertation upon Homer's Iliad :where, upon occasion of this poem, a new system of the art of poetry is attempted, founded upon the principles of reason, and the examples of the most illustrious poets, both ancient and modern

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    A Defence of Poetry [1821]Essays, letters from abroad, translations and fragments,

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    A Defence of Rhime, Against a Pamphlet, Entitled, Observations in the Art of English Poesy.The poetical works of Mr. Samuel Daniel

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    Development of English literature and language,

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    Elegies :ancient and modern. With an introductory study of the history of elegiac poetry from the earliest days down to the present time

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    Elements of criticism.

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    Elizabethan critical essays;

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    Elizabethan drama, 1558-1642,a history of the drama in England from the accession of Queen Elizabeth to the closing of the theaters, to which is prefixed a résumé of the earlier drama from its beginnings,

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    English composition ... enlarged,

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    English composition

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    English composition and rhetoric.

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    An English grammar for schools,based on the principles and requirements of the Grammatical Society.

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    The English language

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    English lessons

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    English literature primers.

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    The English poets :selections with critical introductions

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    The English poets;

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    English taught inductively

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    Errors of speech and of spelling.

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    An Essay on Rhythmical MeasuresMemoirs of science and the arts;

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    An essay on the archaeology of our popular phrases, and nursery rhymes.

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    Essays critical and imaginative

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    Essays of John Dryden,

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    Essays philosophical and moral, historical and literary.

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    Estimations in criticism,

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    Evenings with a reviewer;or, Macaulay and Bacon,

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    Evolution of expression.

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    Foundation lessons in English,

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    Historical and critical essays

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    A history of criticism and literary taste in Europe from the earliest texts to the present day

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    The history of early English literature :being the history of English poetry from its beginnings to the accession of King Aelfred

  42. 42

    The history of England from the accession of James II,

  43. 43

    The history of English dramatic poetry to the time of Shakespeare;and Annals of the stage to the restoration,

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    History of English poetry from the 12th to the close of the 16th century

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    A history of English poetry,

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    The history of English poetry, from the close of the eleventh to the commencement of the eighteenth century.To which are prefixed, three dissertations: 1. Of the origin of romantic fiction in Europe. 2. On the introduction of learning into England. 3. On the Gesta Romanorum.

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    A history of English prosody from the twelfth century to the present day,

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    The home book of verse; American and English, 1580-1912,with an appendix containing a few well-known poems in other languages.

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    How to talk, or, Primary lessons in the English language

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    The imperial dictionary, English, technological, and scientific ...