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  1. 851

    Uses and Abuses of MetreAn anatomy of poetry.

  2. 852

    The Value of Meter in VerseCurrent literature.

  3. 853

    Variation in the Latin Dactylic HexameterPhilological quarterly.

  4. 854

    Variation in the Old High German Post-Otfridian Poems.Modern language notes.

  5. 855

    Vers LibreNew Statesman.

  6. 856

    Vers libre and Metrical ProsePoetry.

  7. 857

    Vers Libre in Theory and PracticeEnglish studies.

  8. 858

    VerseThe Encyclopædia britannica; a dictionary of arts, sciences, literature and general information.

  9. 859

    The VerseAn account of the life, opinions, and writings of John Milton, with an introduction to Paradise lost.

  10. 860

    Verse and ProseThe Journal of English and Germanic philology.

  11. 861

    Verse as Prose in the AyenbiteModern language notes.

  12. 862

    Verse--free or confined?The Dial

  13. 863

    Verse-Sentence Patterns in English PoetryPhilological quarterly.

  14. 864

    Versification and the Edinburgh AcademyThe Phrenological journal and miscellany.

  15. 865

    Versification of DonneThe literary remains of Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  16. 866

    The versification of King Horn ...

  17. 867

    The versification of Pope in its relations to the seventeenth century ...

  18. 868

    The versification of Robert Browning,

  19. 869

    The Versification of Tennyson's Early PoemsPublications of the Modern Language Association of America

  20. 870

    The Versification of the Old English Poem 'Phoenix.'American journal of philology.

  21. 871

    Versification: The Music of SpeechThe realm of poetry; an introduction.

  22. 872

    Versions from Hafiz;an essay in Persian metre,

  23. 873

    Versus TetracolosClassical philology.

  24. 874

    The Vicissitudes of Blank VerseThe London mercury.

  25. 875

    The vision of William concerning Piers Plowman,together with Vita de Dowel, Dobet, et Dobest, secundum Wit et Resoun,

  26. 876

    Visual PoetryPoetry : a Magazine of Verse.

  27. 877

    Visual PoetryPoetry : a Magazine of Verse.

  28. 878

    Vowel Alliteration in Modern Poetry.Modern language notes.

  29. 879

    What English Poetry May Still Learn from GreekEssays and studies.

  30. 880

    What is 'Blank Verse'?The contemporary review

  31. 881

    What is Metre, and How Should It Be Taught?Proceedings.

  32. 882

    What is rhythm?An essay.

  33. 883

    What Was Ictus in Latin Prosody?American journal of philology.

  34. 884

    Whence Does the Poet Get the Form of his Verse?Modern languages

  35. 885

    Who Wrote Shakespere's Henry VIII?The gentleman's magazine.

  36. 886

    William Shakespeare, prosody and text;an essay in criticism, being an introduction to a better editing and a more adequate appreciation of the works of the Elizabethan poets,

  37. 887

    Word stress in English:a short treatise on the accentuation of words in Middle-English as compared with the stress in Old and Modern English,

  38. 888

    Word-order in English verse from Pope to Sassoon,

  39. 889

    Words and Music in SongEssays and studies.

  40. 890

    The works of Fulke Greville;a thesis by Morris W. Croll.

  41. 891

    The works of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, and of Sir Thomas Wyatt, the Elder

  42. 892

    The works of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, and of Sir Thomas Wyatt, the Elder

  43. 893

    Wotton's Short view of George Hickes's Grammatico-critical and archeological treasury of the ancient northern languages,with some notes ... and an appendix ...

  44. 894

    The wrath of Achilleus,

  45. 895

    The writing and reading of verse,

  46. 896

    Wyatt's Sonnets and Their SourcesPoet lore.