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    A pronouncing and spelling dictionaryIn which, by distinguishing signs of the literal sounds, the proper sounds of English words are clearly intimated; and by which, both His Majesty's subjects, and foreigners, may correct an improper, or acquire a right pronunciation of the English language. Together with an introduction, and an appendix, containing many new, and useful observations on the sounds of the letters; distinguishing signs of their different sounds; and directions for attaining to a right pronunciation. And also, by way of praxis, a discourse on an important subject; in which, the right sounds of its words are so clearly intimated, that a stranger, after acquainting himself with the introduction, may be able to pronounce them properly. To which is now added, a short, and plain grammer of the English language. The second edition, with considerable additions and improvements. By William Johnston, M.A.

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    A pronouncing and spelling dictionarywherein, by a new and sufficient method, the proper sounds of English words are exactly ascertained; And by which, Both His Majesty's Subjects, and Foreigners, may correct an Improper, or acquire a Right Pronunciation of the English Language. Together With An Introduction, and an Appendix, containing many new and useful Observations on the Sounds of the Letters; an Account of the Notation, whereby their Sounds in Words are, through the Dictionary, signified; and Directions for attaining to a right Pronunciation by the Help of this Book. To which is added, by Way of Praxis. A Discourse on an Important Subject: Wherein The Right Sounds of the Words are so intimated by the Notation, that a Stranger to the English Accent, after carefully perusing the Introduction, may be able to pronounce them properly. By William Johnston, M. A.