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    A help to elocution, containig three essays:To which is added a very large collection of examples in prose and verse,

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    A help to elocution.Containing three essays. I. On reading and declamation, wherein the Principles of both are laid down, under the several Heads of Emphasis, Climax, Modulation, Pauses, Breaks, Transitions, Cadences, and Gesture. II. On the marks and characters of the different passions and Affections of the Mind. III. On composition, tending to explain and illustrate the Beauties of Fine Writing, and the Principles on which they depend. Designed To form the Minds of Youth to a True Taste in Reading; to enable them to judge of the Beauties of Writing from their own Observation; and to ground them in an elegant Manner of Composition. To Which IS Added, A very large Collection of Examples, in Prose and Verse, selected from the Best Authors, for the Exercise of the Scholar in Reading and Declaiming. For the use of schools.