The first six books of Milton's Paradise lost, rendered into grammatical construction; The Words of the Text being arranged, at the bottom of each Page, in the same natural Order with the Conceptions of the mind; and the Ellipsis properly supplied, without any Alteration in the Diction of the Poem. With notes grammatical, geographical, Historical, Critical, and Explanatory. To which are prefixed Remarks on Ellipsis and Transposition, exhibiting an easy Method of construing, and reading with Judgment, either Prose or verse. Designed for the use of our most eminent schools, and of private Gentlemen and Ladies; and also of Foreigners of Distinction, who would read this admirable Poem with Unstanding and Taste. By the late James Buchanan, Author of the British Grammar, a Regular English Syntax, &c. The Manuscript was left with Dr James Robertson, Professor of Hebrew, who has published it for the benefit of Mr Buchanan's Widow

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