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    The 'Five Types' in Anglo-Saxon VerseMLR

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    A Word about ProsodyPoetry.

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    Abbot Ælfric's rhythmic prose.MP

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    About RhymeLippincott's monthly magazine.

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    Accent a Guiding Principle, not Merely of the Old Comic Metres, but Generally of Latin Poetry; and First of Virgil's HexametersTransactions of the Philological Society

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    Accent and Ictus in the Latin Elegiac DistichTransactions and proceedings of the American Philological Association

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    Accent Collation of Caedmon's Genesis BModern language notes.

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    Accentual Rhythm in LatinHarvard studies in classical philology

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    Accentus redivivi, or, A defense of an accented pronunciation of Greek prose :shewing it to be conformable to all antiquity ; together with an answer to the objections of Mekerchus, Isaac Vossius, Henninius, and other modern opposers of Greek accents

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    Additional NoteWorks ...

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    Additional Observations [on "English Metre"]Transactions of the Philological Society

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    Aelfric's Lives of saints :being a set of sermons on saints' days formerly observed by the English Church

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    The "Aeneid" of VirgilLiterary remains of Charles Stuart Calverley

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    The Affective Value of Articulate SoundsThe American journal of psychology.

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    The Alleged Conflict of the Accents in Latin VerseTransactions and proceedings of the American Philological Association.

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    The alliance of musick, poetry and oratory.Under the head of poetry is considered the alliance and nature of the epic and dramatic poem, as it exists in the Iliad, Æneid and Paradise Lost. By Anselm Bayly, ...

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    The Alliteration in Chaucer's Canterbury TalesEssays on Chaucer, his words and works.

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    Alliteration in Spenser's poetry discussed and compared with the alliteration as employed by Drayton and Daniel...

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    Alliteration in the Chanson de Roland and in the Carmen de prodicione Guenonis.

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    Alliteration in the Runic InscriptionsModern philology.

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    The alliteration of Chaucer.

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    The Alliteration of Piers PlowmanThe Modern language review.

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    Alliteration of the Versions of Piers Plowman in its Bearing on their Authorship.The Modern language review.

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    Allitteratio latina, or, Alliteration in Latin verse reduced to rulewith special reference to Catullus, Horace, Juvenal, Lucan, Lucretius, Martial, Ovid, Persius, Phaedrus, Priapeia, Propertius, Statius, Tibullus, and Virgil

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    Analogies Between English and Spanish VerseTransactions of the Philological Society

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    An analytical inquiry into the principles of taste

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    Ane schort Treatise, conteining some revlis and cautelis to be observit and eschewit in Scottis PoesieThe essayes of a prentise, in the divine art of poesie. Edinburgh. 1585. A counterblast to tobacco. London, 1604.

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    Anglo-Norman VersificationAnglo-Norman language & literature,

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    Anglo-Saxon Alliterative Poetry: (A.D. 449 to A.D. 1150)Transactions of the Royal Society of Literature of the United Kingdom.

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    An Anglo-Saxon reader in prose and verse :With grammatical introduction, notes, and glossary

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    The Anglo-Saxon version of the book of Psalms commonly known as the Paris psalter,

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    Anniversary papers by colleagues and pupils of George Lyman Kittredge,presented on the completion of his twenty-fifth year of teaching in Harvard University, June, MCMXIII.

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    An answer to the question 'What is poetry?':including remarks on versification

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    Anti mias;an essay in isometry.

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    Anti mias;an essay in isometry.

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    Appendix [to Mr. Ellis's Remarks on "English Metre"]Transactions of the Philological Society

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    Appendix II: Anglo-Saxon VersificationAn Anglo-Saxon reader,

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    Appendix; On English MetersA manual of English literature, historical and critical : with an appendix on English metres

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    The Appreciation of PoetryTertium quid chapters on various disputed questions

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    The Aristoxenian theory of musical rhythm,

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    Arnold on Translating HomerFraser's magazine.

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    The Art and Accomplishment of VerseLondon society.

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    The art of English poetry :containing, I. Rules for making verses. II. A dictionary of rhymes. III. A collection of the most natural, agreeable, and noble thoughts, viz. allusions, similes, descriptions, and characters, of persons and things; that are to be found in the best English poets.

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    The Art of Measuring VersesThe American Whig review.

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    The art of poetry: seven lectures, 1920-1922,

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    The art of scansion :

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    The Art of TranslationThe Journal of education.

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    The art of verse making,

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    The art of versification,

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    The art of writing verse,