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    The art of English poetry

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    The art of English poetry :containing, I. Rules for making verses. II. A dictionary of rhymes. III. A collection of the most natural, agreeable, and noble thoughts, viz. allusions, similes, descriptions, and characters, of persons and things; that are to be found in the best English poets.

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    The art of English poetry containing

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    THE ART OF ENGLISH POETRY.Critical, poetical, and dramatic works. By John Penn, Esq. ...

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    The art of English poetry:vol. the IIId and IVth, which, with the two former volumes, make a compleat common-place-book of English poetry, containing the most natural, instructive, diverting and sublime thoughts ... that are in the works of our most celebrated poets, ancient and modern, alphabetically digested and brought down to the present time ...

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    The art of English poetry;

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    Thomas Campion and the art of English poetry,