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    1. Certayne notes of instruction in English verse 1575. 2. The steele glas ... 1576. 3. The complaynt of Philomene ... 1576. Preceded by George Whetstone's A remembrance of the well imployed life, and godly end of George Gascoigne, Esquire.

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    The abuse of the singing & speaking voice; causes, effects, and treatment,

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    The Academy and literature

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    The Academy.

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    The Academy.

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    The Academy.

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    An account of the life, opinions, and writings of John Milton, with an introduction to Paradise lost.

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    Acting and the art of speech : at the Paris Conservatoire. Hints on reading, reciting, acting, and the cure of stammering

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    The actor's art; a practical treatise on stage declamation, public speaking, and deportment, for the use of artists, students, and amateurs, including a sketch on the history of the theatre, from the Greeks to the present time.

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    The adventures of Doctor Comicus or The frolicks of fortune. A comic satirical poem for the squeamish & the queer. In twelve cantos,

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    Aelfric's Lives of saints : being a set of sermons on saints' days formerly observed by the English Church

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    The Afternoon lectures on literature and art : Delivered in the theatre of the Museum of industry, S. Stephen's Green, Dublin, in April and May, 1865. Third series.

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    The age of Dryden

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    The age of Dryden,

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    The age of Dryden.

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    The age of Milton

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    The age of Milton,

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    The age of Milton,

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    The age of Milton,

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    The age of Milton,

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    The age of Shakespeare (1579-1631)

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    The age of Shakespeare (1579-1631)

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    The alliance of musick, poetry and oratory. Under the head of poetry is considered the alliance and nature of the epic and dramatic poem, as it exists in the Iliad, Aeneid and Paradise Lost.

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    Allitteratio latina, or, Alliteration in Latin verse reduced to rule with special reference to Catullus, Horace, Juvenal, Lucan, Lucretius, Martial, Ovid, Persius, Phaedrus, Priapeia, Propertius, Statius, Tibullus, and Virgil

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    The alphabet of nature;

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    Amelia, Tamerton church-tower, etc., with Prefatory study on English metrical law.

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    The analysis of sentences explained and systematised : after the plan of Becker's German grammar

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    An analytical inquiry into the principles of taste

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    An analytical inquiry into the principles of taste

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    An analytical inquiry into the principles of taste.

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    Ancient critical essays upon English poets and poësy.

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    Ancient critical essays upon English poets and poësy.

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    Ancient songs, from the time of King Henry the Third, to the revolution ...

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    Anniversary papers by colleagues and pupils of George Lyman Kittredge, presented on the completion of his twenty-fifth year of teaching in Harvard University, June, MCMXIII.

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    Anti mias; an essay in isometry.

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    Anti mias; an essay in isometry.

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    The Antiquary; a magazine devoted to the study of the past.

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    Antiquitates curiosæ; the etymology of many remarkable old sayings, proverbs, and singular customs explained.

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    Appreciations of poetry,

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    Archaeologia, or, Miscellaneous tracts relating to antiquity

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    Archaeologia, or, Miscellaneous tracts relating to antiquity

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    Architecture among the poets

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    Aristotle's Rhetoric ; or, The true grounds and principles of oratory: shewing, the right art of pleading and speaking in full assemblies and courts of judicature. Made English by the translators of the art of thinking ...

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    Aristotle's theory of poetry and fine art : with a critical text and a translation of the Poetics

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    Aristotle's theory of poetry and fine art,

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    Aristotle's treatise on rhetoric

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    Aristotle's Treatise on rhetoric

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    Aristotle's treatise on rhetoric,

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    Aristotle's treatise on rhetoric,

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    Aristotle's Treatise on rhetoric, literally translated with Hobbes' analysis, examination questions, and an appendix containing the Greek definitions.