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    About RhymeLippincott's monthly magazine.

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    Advanced course of composition and rhetoric :a series of practical lessons on the origin, history and peculiarities of the English language ...

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    Appendix; On English MetersA manual of English literature, historical and critical: with an appendix on English metres.

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    Assyrian grammarwith paradigms, exercises, glossary, and bibliography

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    Bell's standard elocutionist :principles and exercises, (chiefly from "Elocutionary manual") : followed by a copius selection of extracts in prose and poetry, classified and adapted for reading and recitation

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    A complete graded course in English grammar and composition.

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    The Development of Blank Verse: A Study of SurreyModern language notes.

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    Ear and voice training by means of elementary sounds of language.

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    An easy English grammarin four parts; being a complete course of etymology, syntax, and analysis, with four hundred exercises,

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    Elements of composition and rhetoric,

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    English composition;adapted to the wants of high schools, preparatory schools, and academies,

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    An English grammar for schools :based on the principles and requirements of the grammatical society : Parts 1-2

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    An English grammar for schools :based on the principles and requirements of the grammatical society : Parts 1-2

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    English language (course A).

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    Essays towards a critical method,

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    First lessons in English,

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    Graded exercises in language ...

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    History of the English language and literature,from the earliest times until the present day, including the American literature,

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    How should I pronounce?or, The principles of the art of correct pronunciation. A manual for schools, colleges, & private use,

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    A Latin grammar

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    Latin pronunciation:a brief outline of the Roman, continental and English methods,

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    Lessons in emphasis, containing all the rules of emphasis;all the methods of emphasis; ...

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    Lessons in language

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    Lessons in voice culture;the perfect method. Designed for the reader, the orator, the actor, the teacher, the pupil, the elocutionist; and as the foundation of the singing voice.

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    Longer English poems,with notes philological and explanatory and an introduction on the teaching of English.

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    Longman's junior school grammar,

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    A manual of English prose literature,biographical and critical, designed mainly to show characterisics of style,

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    Manual of reading :in 4 parts : orthophony, class methods, gesture, and elocution : designed for teachers and student

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    Methods of instruction: how to teach reading, pronunciation, and spelling.

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    Myths of the robin rebreast in early English poetry :A paper read before the Anthropological society of Washington, December 18, 1888

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    New language exercises for primary schools

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    New language exercises for primary schools

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    Notes on Elizabethan dramatists.

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    On the prosody of Paradise regained and Samson Agonistes.Being a supplement to the paper On the elements of Milton's blank verse in Paradise lost, which is printed in the Rev. H. C. Beeching's edition of Paradise lost, bk. I, Clarendon Press, Oxford.

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    On Translating HomerThe Universal review.

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    The phonetics of the Gaelic language :with an exposition of the current orthography and a system of phonography

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    The phonological investigation of Old English;illustrated in a series of fifty problems.

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    The Physiology of VersificationPages from an old volume of life ; a collection of essays, 1857-1881

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    Practical lessons in the use of English :for grammar schools, with supplement

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    Principle in art, etc.

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    Ryme-index to the manuscript texts of Chaucer's Minor poems.

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    Society gymnastics and voice culture :adapted from the Delsarte system

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    Supplements to the third and final series of bibliographical collections and notes,1474-1700

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    A theory of the origin and development of the heroic hexameter

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    The versification of Pope in its relations to the seventeenth century ...

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    Watson's manual of calisthenics :a systematic drill-book without apparatus, for schools, families, and gymnasiums ; with music to accompany the exercises

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    Wright's orthography :a hand-book of analytical orthography designed to teach the philosophy of orthography and orthoepy