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    Prosodia latina;an introduction to classical Latin verse,

    p. 95

    Rhythm. 262. Trochaic Tetrameter Catalectic. Seven and a Half feet. This metre is used in three passages

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    Versions from Hafiz;an essay in Persian metre,

    p. 11

    be regarded as a trochaic tetrameter catalectic, except that it has in the second half of every foot

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    English grammar, or, An exposition of the principles and usages of the English language

    p. 187

    . 789. Trochaic Tetrameter. The fourth Trochaic species con- sists of four trochees; as, Round

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    The Indoeuropean superstress and the evolution of verse,

    p. 29

    imitation of the popular Latin trochaic tetrameter of the Christian missionaries in Ireland—a monstrous

    p. 34

    trochaic tetrameters, which miss oftener than they hit! And this in serene indifference to Zeuss' demon

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    Critical observations on Shakespeare.By John Upton ...

    p. 284

    . The trochaic tetrameter catale*ic of fix feet, 11 closing with a trochee and a femiped, what tl Greeks call

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    Rhymes and meters,a practical manual for versifiers

    p. 21

    tetrameter, each line containing four trochees. It will be noticed that many lines lack

    is written in iambic pentameter, in lines made up of five iambics; and Longfel- low's Hiawatha is trochaic

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    What is rhythm?An essay.

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    p. 191

    Hymn, 5-8; trochaic tetrameter, cata- lectic in lines 1, 2,4. Note the anaclastic foot, E

    p. 51

    -- --1- -1-uul (trochaic tetrameter catalectic; Sophocles, Edipus Rex 1525.) are normal in all the Greek

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    Elements and science of English versification,

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    p. 67

    THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE STANZA. 67 This combines group i with 18 and gives a trochaic tetrameter. I

    on the Roof," is the same combination, I : 18– trochaic tetrameter. James Whitcomb Riley has very recently

    p. 251

    is the trochaic tetrameter, lines of eight and seven syllables rhyming alternately. The line of seven syllables

    we to name it properly- trochaic tetrameter. Hymns written in trochaic, dactylic, or anapestic meter

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    Anti mias;an essay in isometry.

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    p. 141

    in, and the trochaic tetrameter measure is kept up for 56 lines. It seems to me that as ordinary anapaestic dimeters

    of anapaestic dimeters. Then Darius resumes his speech, but this time in ordinary trochaic tetrameters. After

    , but to anapaestic rules). Then Darius resumes his trochaic tetrameters. Atossa shortly afterwards joins

    p. 376

    376 ANTI MIAX. CHAP. a series of thirty-six trochaic tetrameters, interrupted however after

    as forgeries the five trochaic tetrameters which immediately precede it. What disposes me most strongly

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    Anti mias;an essay in isometry.

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    p. 214

    , except in the trochaic tetrameters with which the strophe and antistrophe open. These can hardly

    of corrupt trochaic tetrameters is the sound rule which demands of necessity a diaeresis at the end

    theory has no application whatever to trochaic tetrameters, whether masquerading as parts of chori

    p. 248

    . There is nothing strange in that. But ll. 338-9 and 355–6 form lyrical trochaic tetrameters; and, when we come

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    The art of poetry: seven lectures, 1920-1922,

    p. 20

    .) of the trochaic tetrameter; * Clayden, Rogers and his Contemporaries, ii. 29.

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    The art of versification,

    p. 117

    the alternate lines rhyme, and the meter is trochaic tetrameter, with the second and fourth lines one syllable

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    The art of writing verse,

    p. 32

    And the beauteous |land.” Trochaic Tetrameter. Eight syllables (regular line.) In unrhymed verse Longfellow's “ Hia

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    Chapters on English metre,

    p. 125

    || Dwelling | in the midst of foes In rhythmical effect it resembles the Greek trochaic tetrameter catalectic

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    Chapters on English metre,

    p. 103

    || Dwelling | in the / midst of | foes In rhythmical effect it resembles the Greek trochaic tetrameter

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    Chapters on Greek metric,

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    p. 209

    . The situation was essentially the same in the trochaic tetrameter, and in other trochaic and iambic meters

    tetrameter, the spondee ordi- narily ends the kolon, and often the line and periodos. That fact alone goes

    . But here, in the dipodies which externally resemble those of the tragic trimeter and the trochaic

    p. 238

    of comparison with the trochaic tetrameter we may write the scheme, simply longs and shorts, ignoring

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    Early Latin verse.

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    p. 101

    . There are only a hundred Trochaic Tetrameters preserved in the Menander MSS., and in this hundred the Dactyl

    p. 288

    of interjecting here and there a Scene in Trochaic Tetrameters Catalectic while the other Scenes are in Iambic

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    The elements of English versification,

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    p. viii

    tetrameter . . . . . Anapestic tetrameter . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Anapestic peonic tetrameter

    · • · • · • · . · . · . · · . . · . . . . · . . . · . . · . . . . · · · · · · · · ·. . . . · . . · . . . · . . · . . . .. . · . . . · . . . · . . . · . . . · . . . · ············· . . . · . . . · . . . · . . . · . . . · . . . · . . . · · · . · · · . · · . · · · . · The tetrameter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Tambic tetrameter. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Trochaic

    p. 21

    . It is frequently called octosyllabic verse. (b) Trochaic tetrameter (--*|-* |* |-*): Wé the fairies blithe

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    English MetreTransactions of the Philological Society

    p. 262

    with in Aristophanes as the trochaic tetrameter catalectic. Having thus classified the various trochaic lines

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    English metres,

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    p. 3

    ..............38 Trochaic Tetrameter Couplet .............39 Iambic Pentameter Couplet (Heroic Couplet) 39 Blank

    p. 60

    , hexameter; Iambic trimeter ard tetrameter with feminine ending; Trochaic tetrameter, complete and catalectic

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    English VerseOutcast essays and verse translations.

    p. 279

    to be the trochaic tetrameter acatalectic, just as the iambic tetrameter was the basis of the ballad metre

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    English versification for the use of students

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    p. 35

    and sevens. Trochaic tetrameter, and trimeter with added syllable : Love divine, all love excelling, Joy

    , and four. Trochaic tetrameter, trimeter with added syllable, and dimeter in fifth line: Open now

    p. xiii

    . – Recitative. — Short Trochaic. – Dactylic with Anacrusis. – Trochaic Tetrameter. - Dactylic. — Anapæstic

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    An essay on the different nature of accent and quantity :with their use and application in the English, Latin, and Greek languages : containing remarks on the metre of the English, on the origin and aeolism of the Roman, on the general history of the Greek, with an account of its ancient tones, and a defence of their accentual marks. To which is subjoined the Greek elegiac poem of M. Musurus addressed to Leo X, with a Latin version and notes.

    p. 40

    here refers, is the following Trochaic, tetrameter catalectic ; Sefcuplo vel una vincet alterius

  24. 24

    The foreign sources of modern English versification;

    p. 57

    might have been expected of him was doubtless a form of the trochaic tetrameter: it would have been both

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    Greek and Roman versification,

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    p. 38

    trimeter, in Latin the trochaic tetrameter catalectic and the iambic dimeter, partly Kara aTvyov, partly

    tetrameter. At this same time men began to lose the exact appreci- ation of the peculiar

    and Anacreontics : among the Romans the most used metres were the iambic dimeter and the catalectic trochaic

    p. 17

    , the accepted epic verse of all antiquity, and the Iambic Trimeter and the Trochaic Tetrameter Catalectic

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    Hermann's elements of the doctrine of metres, abridged and tr. into English.

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    p. 12

    Tetrameters Catalectic • 27 VIII. Of the Lame Trochaic Tetrameter . 28 IX

    . Of Acatalectic Trochaic Tetrameters . 28 X. Of the Trochaic Pentameter . 29 XI

    Verses . 26 VI. Of Trochaic Monometers, Dimeters and Trimeters 26 VII. Of Trochaic

    p. 28

    TROCHAIC TETRAMETER. § 126. The halting tetrameter is peculiar to the writers of iambics. It is so

    28 TROCHAIC TETRAMETERS. [book ii. In Eurip. Hel. 1644. olirep >] biter) KeXevei fx' a\X

    TROCHAIC TETRAMETERS. § 127. Hephaestion gives an example of the acatalectic tetrameter from Anacreon

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    History and Relations of the Tail-Rhyme Strophe in Latin, French, and EnglishPublications of the Modern Language Association of America

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    p. 376

    line, the trochaic tetrameter. This, born perhaps among the people, had never ceased to live

    p. 377

    —itself from the trochaic tetrameter—by doubling the a-line. Having thus explained the unit, Jeanroy

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    A history of English prosody from the twelfth century to the present day,

    p. 431

    chap, in THE LATER ENGLISH HEXAMETER 431 it will be an excellent trochaic tetrameter

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    A history of English rhythms.

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    p. 586

    Trochaic Tetrameter by introducing a sectional rime into each verse. Tribus signis Deo dignis Dies ista

    p. 592

    kind were fashioned on the imperfect Trochaic Tetrameter. They were used by Law- rence, Prior of Durham

  30. 30

    A history of English rhythms.

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    p. 303

    Trochaic Tetrameter by introducing a sectional rhime into each verse. Tribus signis Deo dignis Dies ista

    p. 310

    of a similar kind were fashioned on the imperfect Trochaic Tetrameter. They were used by Lawrence, Prior

  31. 31

    A history of English versification,

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    p. 128

    128 Воок І THE LINE i od na Catalectic trochaic tetrameter : Áh! what pléasant vísions háunt me

    .' Brachycatalectic trochaic tetrameter : Hásten, Lórd, to réscue mé and sét me sáue from trouble; Sháme thou those

    p. 192

    tetrameter, which frequently occurs, among other instances, in the poems ascribed to Walter Map, e. g

    greater favourite with the Anglo-Norman Latin poets. This is the (accentual) brachycatalectic trochaic

  32. 32

    A history of German versification;ten centuries of metrical evolution,

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    p. 14

    -foot (Serbian) Trochees. .. 3. The Trochaic Tetrameter (Octonar) . 4. Other Trochaic Lines C. Anapæstic

    p. 216

    .). Other liberties, such as trisyllabic feet, are also found with them. 3. The Trochaic Tetrameter

  33. 33

    An introduction to the rhythmic and metric of the classical languages.To which are added the lyric parts of the Medea of Euripedes and the Antigone of Sophocles, with rhythmical schemes and commentary.

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    p. 123

    , are a regular lyrical song, V. and VII. The énippnua and ávtetrippnua generally consist of trochaic tetrameters

    p. 38

    τεθνηκυίαν. ΗΙΡΡ. vi-ul-ul-ul-ul-ull vi-ul-ul-ul-ul-ull An example of the "halting” trochaic tetrameter

  34. 34

    An introduction to the scientific study of English poetry;being prolegomena to a science of English prosody,

    p. 168

    that English poetry is written in “iambic pentameters,” or “trochaic tetrameters,” or “ dactylic hexame- ters

  35. 35

    The metre of Macbeth :its relation to Shakespeare's earlier and later work

    p. 12

    of Shake- speare's hand. Per contra, the trochaic tetrameter is found in Dumain's love-poem in Love's

  36. 36

    A National Form of Verse the Natural Unit of ThoughtTransactions of the American Philological Association

    p. xxvii

    the hexameter. Trochaic tetrameter, the usual form in early tragedy (Aristotle's Poetics 4. 14), has but 74 x

  37. 37

    On a Metrical Latin Inscription copied by Mr. BlakesleyTransactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society.

    p. 391

    ; the metrical beat of the trochee falling on the first syllable, and the caesura of the trochaic tetrameter

  38. 38

    On Ancient Greek Rhythm and MetreEssays philological and critical : selected from the papers

    p. 105

    ratio. But what shall we say of the trochaic tetrameter catalectic, of such a verse as mollà pèv yàpêk

    . In like man- ner the iambic and trochaic tetrameters consist of two feet of 12 times each, with equal

  39. 39

    The Origin of RhymeRevue bénédictine.

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    p. 337

    ). 2. Much could be written about the trochaic tetrameter 3, but it must suffice to point out how

    p. 335

    must distinguish two streams. The popular trochaic tetrameter, which was strongly accentual, called

  40. 40

    The origin of rhythmical verse in late Latin

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    p. 13

    not materially decrease anywhere except in the trochaic tetrameter, the iambic verses continuing to have

    that the facts are against the theory. For with the exception of the trochaic tetrameter and, to a less degree

    of the metrical hymns (cf. Iambic Dimeter B 2 and C, Trochaic Tetrameter A and B in the tables). In fact in both

    p. 57

    able space. In the trochaic tetrameter and the iambic trimeter this difficulty did not exist

    . In the trochaic tetrameter of the type -U- || Vau-ull -U- || Vavy, the second and fourth parts do not allow of con

    tetrameter of this, the prevalent type, no good place for a word of the type auy, which just fits the end. We

  41. 41

    The poetry of the future,

    p. 56

    is learnedly informed that the second and fourth verses are either trochaic tetrameter catalectic, or trochaic

  42. 42

    Res metrica :an introduction to the study of Greek and Roman versification

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    p. 106

    106 THE TROCHAIC TETRAMETER the iambic trimeter in tragedy. Strict and regular in Aeschylus

    the trochaic tetrameter, like the iambic trimeter and other metres, took shapes which were 1 Statistics

    . But in the text of the Roman comic drama, trochaic tetrameters are usually designated 'C (= canticum

    p. 103


  43. 43

    Rhythm and harmony in poetry and music together with Music as a representative art :two essays in comparative æsthetics

    p. 62

    in the line; an initial (or trochaic) tetrameter less one unac- cented syllable: Whom have I on earth below

    p. 63

    : An initial double and triple (or dac- tylic and trochaic) tetrameter: Hail to the brightness of Zion's glad

  44. 44

    The rhythm of speech,

    p. 505

    tetrameter, which, with antistrophic four a few lines

    and tired out, the others not yet well breathed. They begin (line 204) with four lines of trochaic

  45. 45

    Saturnian MetreAmerican journal of philology.

    p. 431

    of the popular trochaic tetrameter catalectic. But he makes, so far as I have been able to discover, no single

  46. 46

    The Saturnian MetreAmerican journal of philology.

    p. 328

    tetrameter : Quasi messor per messim unumquemque spicum colligit, Ap. Fest. 492 Th., s. v. spicus

    to fit into a Saturnian line. Another old proverb preserved by Festus reads more like a trochaic

  47. 47

    Short Chapters on Novel and Exotic MetresThe American Whig review.

    p. 73

    different with two good lines of a not very uncommon Trochaic Tetrameter. This is equally English stanza

  48. 48

    Short English Prosody for use in schools

    p. 15

    In a dell of dew Scattering unbeholden Its ae'rial hue — (Shelley) Trochaic Tetrameters consist of four

  49. 49

    Stichologyor, a recovery of the Latin, Greek and Hebrew numbers. Exemplified in the reduction of all Horace's metres, and the Greek and Hebrew poetry. By the Reverend Edward Manwaring.

    p. 31

    , as in trochaic Tetrameter cataleft, which con- sifts of 15 half Feet, then the first Division of this Verse

  50. 50

    The Structure of Simple Rhythm FormsHarvard psychological studies.

    p. 394

    of a syncopated line — such as that in the middle of a catalectic trochaic tetrameter — should be found of less