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    Author's PrefacePoems of Gerard Manley Hopkins now first published :

  2. 102

    Authorities on English PronunciationThe Modern language review.

  3. 103

    The authors :A poem

  4. 104

    Bacon's nova resuscitatio; or, The unveiling of his concealed works and travels,

  5. 105

    Bacon's nova resuscitatio; or, The unveiling of his concealed works and travels,

  6. 106

    Bacon's nova resuscitatio; or, The unveiling of his concealed works and travels,

  7. 107

    Bad English exposed: a series of criticisms on the errors and inconsistencies of Lindley Murray and other grammarians,

  8. 108

    Ballades and rondeaus, chants royal, sestinas, villanelles, &c.,

  9. 109

    Batavian anthology;or, Specimens of the Dutch poets; with remarks on the poetical literature and language of the Netherlands, to the end of the seventeenth century.

  10. 110

    The Bearing of the Cursus on the Text of Dante's De Vulgari EloquentiaProceedings of the British Academy.

  11. 111

    The beauties of modern literature, in verse and prose;to which is prefixed, a preliminary view of the literature of the age.

  12. 112

    The beauties of poetry display'd.Containing observations on the different species of poetry, and the rules of English versification. ... In two volumes.

  13. 113

    The beginnings of the English secular and romantic drama:a paper read before the Shakespeare Association on Friday, February 29, 1920.

  14. 114

    Bell's standard elocutionist :principles and exercises, (chiefly from "Elocutionary manual") : followed by a copius selection of extracts in prose and poetry, classified and adapted for reading and recitation

  15. 115

    Bellum grammaticaleor, the grammatical battel royal. In reflections on the three English grammars, publish'd in about a year last past. In a letter to the learned and ingenious whilom assistant to the learned Mr. Benjamin Morland of Hackney. With a postscript to Heterologus, usher to the learned Dr. Busby.

  16. 116

    Bibliographical collections and notes (1474-1700)Third and final series. Second supplement.

  17. 117

    Biographia literaria:or, Biographical sketches of my literary life and opinions, and two lay sermons,

  18. 118

    Biographia literaria;or, Biographical sketches of my literary life and opinions,

  19. 119

    Biographia literaria;or, Biographical sketches of my literary life and opinions,

  20. 120

    Blank VerseThe Cornhill magazine.

  21. 121

    Blank VerseThe spectator

  22. 122

    Blank verse.

  23. 123

    A book of English prosody,

  24. 124

    A book of French prosody;with specimens of French verse from the twelfth century to the present day,

  25. 125

    Book-song :an anthology of poems of books and bookmen from modern authors,

  26. 126

    Books of the time of the restoration, being a collection of plays, poems and prose works produced between the years 1660 and 1700, by the contemporaries of John Dryden

  27. 127

    The Borderline of ProseNew Statesman.

  28. 128

    The bride;a play, in five acts.

  29. 129

    A brief sketch of Bengali phonetics.

  30. 130

    The British bibliographer.

  31. 131

    The British bibliographer.

  32. 132

    The British bibliographer.

  33. 133

    The British bibliographer.

  34. 134

    British educationor, the source of the disorders of Great Britain. Being an essay towards proving, that the immorality, ignorance, and false taste, which so generally prevail, are the natural and necessary consequences of the present defective system of education. By Thomas Sheridan, A.M.

  35. 135

    The British grammaror, an essay, in four parts, towards speaking and writing the English language grammatically, and inditing elegantly. For the use of the schools of Great Britain and Ireland, and of private young gentlemen and ladies.

  36. 136

    By-ways round Helicon,a kind of anthology,

  37. 137

    Byron as a ProsodistByron, the poet;

  38. 138

    The canons of criticism,and glossary, being a supplement to Mr. Warburton's edition of Shakespear. Collected from the notes in that celebrated work, And proper to be bound up with it. By the other gentleman of Lincoln's-Inn.

  39. 139

    The canterbury talesof Chaucer. To which are added, an essay upon his language and versification; an introductory discourse; and notes. In four volumes.

  40. 140

    A carol and other rhymes

  41. 141

    Changes in the English language,between the publication of Wiclif's Bible and that of the authorised version. A.D. 1400 to A.D. 1600.

  42. 142

    Chapters in the history of English literature,from 1509 to the close of the Elizabethan period.

  43. 143

    Chapters on alliterative verse

  44. 144

    Chapters on English metre,

  45. 145

    Chapters on the poets of ancient Greece.

  46. 146

    Characters of Shakespeare's plays :& Lectures on the English poets

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    The Chaucer tradition,

  48. 148

    Chaucer's VirelaysThe Athenµum.

  49. 149

    The child's friend :being an entirely new, and systematic arrangement of all the sounds, combinations of characters, and exceptions in the English language ...

  50. 150

    The child's grammar :corresponding with parsing lessons and forming part of a series for teaching