The Archive builds on bibliographic data from several sources as well as library catalog data from the HathiTrust Research Center. It is divided into four collections. Users are able to search across collections or within any combination of collections.

Poetry: This collection contains versification manuals, introductions to prosodic systems and metrical laws, introductions to single author works with metrical considerations, histories of prosody, how-to-write poetry books, rhyming guides, dictionaries with appendices that discuss versification, and considerations of the meter of particular poets or poems (i.e. Paradise Lost). Typographically unique texts in this collection use musical notation, invented diacritical marks, and more common marks for stress (the ictus or an “x” mark). Reprints and new editions of Samuel Johnson’s Lives of the Poets are the next addition to this collection.

History: This collection contains metrical histories, literary histories, histories of language, and memoria technicas.

Speech: This collection traces the transition from Rhetoric and Elocution to Rhetoric and Composition in the nineteenth-century, containing guides to public speaking, guides to rhetoric, elocution manuals, composition textbooks, guides to speech and gesture, and materials about phonetics (i.e. by Alexander Ellis), phonemics, and dialects. Reprints and new editions of Hugh Blair’s Rhetoric are the next addition to this collection.

Grammar: This collection contains grammar books and books that catalog grammar books (i.e. Goold Brown’s Grammar of Grammars). Reprints and new editions of Lindley Murray’s Grammar are the next addition to this collection.