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Author Title Type [ Year(Desc)] Collections
W. Bullokar, Bullokars Booke at large. London: H. Denham, 1580, pp. 6 p. l., 2-54, [6] p.
A. Day, The English secretary, or Methode of writing of epistles and letters .. London: Printed by P[eter]. S[hort]. for C. Burbie, 1599, p. 4 p. l., 148, 133, [5] p.
R. Robinson, The art of pronuntiation. London: Printed by N. Okes, 1617, p. 1 v. (unpaged).
J. Newton, School pastime for young children, or, The rudiments of grammar :. London: Printed and are to be sold .. by Robert Walton .., 1669, p. 2 v. :.
B. Lamy, Nicole, P., and Arnauld, A., The art of speaking. London: Printed by W. Godbid, and are to be sold by M. Pitt .., 1676, pp. 7 p. ., 148, 105-212, 164, [14] p. ;.
M. Le Faucheur, An essay upon the action of an orator. London: Printed for Nich. Cox at the Golden Bible, 1680, p. 18 p.l., 217, [22] p.
A. Aristotle, Aristotle's Rhetoric;. London: Printed by J.B. for R. Taylon, 1686, p. 7 p.l., 280, [7] p.
R. Le Bossu, Bennet, T., Motteux, P. Anthony, J, W., Fontenelle, F., and Dacier, A., Monsieur Bossu's Treatise of the epick poem: :. London,: Printed for Tho. Bennet at the Half-Moon in St. Paul's Church-yard,, 1695, p. [40], 295, [1] p. ;.
N. Strong, England's perfect school-master. Or, Directions for exact spelling, reading, and writing., The 9th ed., much enl. By Nathaniel Strong .. London: Printed by T. W. for B. Billingsly, 1706, p. 127 p.
W. Walker, A treatise of English particles, The 13th ed. London: Printed by J.H. for E. Pawlett, 1706, p. 9 p. L., 461, [46] p.
A. Pope and Warburton, W., An essay on criticism. [London: , 1709, p. 60 p.
E. Bysshe, The art of English poetry containing, The 4th ed. London: Printed for S. Buckley, 1710, p. 6 p. L., 36, [2], 482, viii, 36 p.
W. Turner, A short grammar for the English tongue :. London: Printed and sold by J. Downing, 1710, p. 51 p.
E. Bysshe, The art of English poetry, 5th ed. London: Printed by S. Buckley and sold by J. Churchill [etc.], 1714, p. 2 v. (40, 520, xi, 39 p.) ;.
I. Watts, Horae lyricae :, 3rd edrd ed. London: W. Wilkins for s. Ciff, 1715, p. xxxi, [9], 314, [5] p., [1] leaf of plates :.
E. Bysshe, The art of English poetry., 6th ed. corr. and ed. London: Printed for O. Loyd, T. Varnam and J. Osborn, W. Mears, J. Brown and F. Clay, and J. Hooke, 1718, p. 2 v.
E. Bysshe, The art of English poetry:. London: Taylor, 1718, p. xli, 472 p.
C. Gildon, The complete art of poetry. London: Printed for C. Rivington, 1718, p. 2 v.
J. Smith, The mystery of rhetorick unveiled;, 10th ed. London: R. Wilkin, 1721, p. 195, [5] p.
J. Terrasson, A critical dissertation upon Homer's Iliad :. London: Printed for J. Peele, 1722, p. 2 v. ;.
J. Henley, The appeal of the oratory to the first ages of Christianity.., A new impression. London: [s.n.], 1727, p. viii, 132 p. ;.
The art of speaking in publik:, The 2d ed. corr.,. London: N. Cox, 1727, p. 217 p.
R. Grey, Memoria technica:, The 2d ed. London: Printed for Charles King [etc.], 1732, p. 2 p. L., xvi, [8], 159, [27] p.